A Breed of Heroes

After years of trying to get hold of a copy Alan Judd's A Breed of Heroes is in printn again. I really can't comment as to its take on Ireland, but it chimes well with what I know and is a very interesting exposition of relationships in a battalion. An entertaining and thought provoking read, I easily got my £5.50 (from play) worth.
barbarasson said:
The TV movie was made in 1194 for the 25th anniversary, very good, true to the book.
Gee 1194 was this with battalions of Normans :eek:
Good book and mad Chatsworth in it pops up in another Alan Judd book set in 'Lower Africa' as a bumbling histage negotiator.

Believe Alan Judd was Para Reg before joining a certain government department. He always insisted he was a bog-standard civil servant but Tomlinson the fantasist/whistle-blower (delete as applicable) outed him including his real name.
Is this the story about a Lt in an "Army Commando Bn" during a tour of NI? If so, a bloody good read.

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