A breath of fresh air in this PC world?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by msr, Jun 30, 2004.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    Stephen Nock, 34, and his male partner, from London, had been looking forward to a four-day walking holiday in Wester Ross, Scotland, until the owner of the Cromasaig guest house in Kinlochewe rejected their request to book his double room because their relationship was “unnatural”.
    “I stand by exactly what I said,” Mr Forrest said. “I do not go along with this word ‘gay’. They are not happy in that situation. I called them poofs and will continue to call them that.”


  2. Bunch of bloody poofs

  3. The pc brigade are really up in arms over this, but thank God for someone standing up for his principles.

    There are many people who, whilst accepting that there are chaps out there who prefer chaps, don't particularily approve of them or their practices. I am willing to live and let live but some tact and sensitivity on their part would be appreciated.
  4. Burn them all! Every last one of them. Burn me too! Burn Gunny, BBC, DTS, everybody! BURN EVERYBODY!

    POOFS.....POOFS.......Burn them all, burn them all. BURN IN HELL YOU DEVIANT FUCKERS

  5. they should think themselves lucky...the jocks could have taken them up into the hills and shagged them before buring them both in a big wicker basket! :(
  6. I see the filter isn't working too well these days :lol:

    Cunts & Fuckers 8O

    Life is geting better now I can swear for proper :wink:
  7. We know not to put you in charge of the the matches DL 8O :lol:
  8. I am sorry, I tend to relapse every now and then and regress to my old pyromaniac ways :roll:
  9. they dont like cottaging in scotland .....BOOM BOOM.
  10. Get off that fcuking fence D-L, say what you mean :lol:
  11. Don't give up your day job shortfuse :wink:
  12. i couldn't , this leper colony wont muck itself out you know. :roll:
  13. So it's you that has to look after the Engerland fitba' team. 'Tis a dirty job. but someone's got to do it. :lol:
  14. I heard the man describing the sequence of events this morning.

    He said that he had replied to an email from two men with ‘foreign sounding names’ to clarify what they wanted, saying that French or German guests often used ‘double bed’ to mean ‘twin bed’
    His reply was sent in the evening of the day he had received the enquiry.

    He heard nothing from the two men but was shortly contacted by a gay lobbying group to complain about his discrimination.

    Intemperate emails followed.Use of slang terms for homosexualists etc

    Looks like he was set up, otherwise why didn’t the guy trying to book the room just contact him rather than going straight to a lobby group?

    No-one was turned away, the B&B owner offered a twin-bedded room in his house. This was refused by email.

    He was subsequently told by Visitscotland that homosexuality was normal these days.
  15. It's your birth right if you're Scottish! 8O :lol:

    Dui lai protests too much to disguise it!