A brave soldier sruck down again-by the NHS!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by muhandis89, Oct 15, 2007.

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  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/west_midlands/7044702.stm

    What has happened to the squillons of pounds that our Government claims has been ploughed into the NHS?Mealy mouthed NHS people try to defend the indefensible,while Government statistics are designed to show that hospital infections are going down not up!Is it unreasonable to expect our brave soldiers to suffer in our own medical system,after they have been so terribly wounded? The Government does not seem to see that this is having a serious effect on recruiting and morale.Our soldiers now seem to be suffering double jeopardy-the actions of the enemy+ the actions our NHS! Shocking,truely shocking.
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  3. Clearly the lack of military hospitals will only continue to make matters worse, its disgraceful that basic infection control is seemingly past being dealt with properly in more and more hospitals!

    Without doubt the government continues to hopes that the current operations can be swept under the carpet and the fact that wars cost money be skipped over with :shakefist:
  4. I am keeping up.The defence of Pte Cooper's situation by an NHS aparatchik is new today,IMHO,and it disgusts me,particularly as Broon seems to constantly bang on about how much his lot has poured into the NHS.Where has it all gone? Clearly not to Selly Oak! :(
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    So why didn't you add to the thread running instead of starting a new one? Bit dim on a monday are we?
  6. Deaths and inflictions of C.Difficile are not high on the government lists of 'targets'.

    My old soldier neighbour went into hospital fit and healthy, and emerged with C.Difficile. The hospital he was in was disgustingly dirty - and still is!!

    It is a 'famous' London teaching hospital.

    Thanks to Bliar - call me Tony - nobody wants to be 'directed' or 'controlled' these days. Everyone is equal. This includes the shaven headed, overweight, beer guzzling, foul-mouthed, Chelsea supporting 'filth' that masquerade in this area as 'staff' in our so-called hospital.

    Another footnote in your legacy Bliar - you appalling spiv!

    PS. Where is the 'resignation honours list' ? Nobody offering sufficient for inclusion?
  7. BBC report:
    Who the fcuk are the Royal jackets?
  8. That's a point of view,I suppose.
  9. lsquared - it appears that TCB has declined his right to have a resignation honours list. Apparently, he was concerned that it would be controversial and the negative publicity that would inevitably result would deflect from his effort to win the Nobel Peace Pri... sorry, bring a long and meaningful peace to the Middle East.

    As well as the benefit of ensuring that various pop stars and footballers don't get knighthoods, this move has apparently ensured that Mandleson won't get the peerage he's been angling for (since Broon is only marginally less likely to cross the floor to be Cameron's parliamentary private secretary than he is to willingly give Mandleson a gong).

    Apologies for wandering off topic.
  10. Here is a graph published by the Office for National Statistics listing deaths from c.diff each year.


    More than anything else, I think this graph shows why New Labour chose 'The Only Way is Up' by Yazz as their campaign song in 1997.

    I hope this explains "Where has it all gone". Thanks to the biggest expansion of tax-and-spend in peacetime history, Britain's NHS now leads the world in killing people with sh1te borne lurgy. (Although a good, old fashioned, back to basics, Victorian style typhoid epidemic is rumoured to be on the cards for next summer - you heard it here first).

    Special thanks must go to 'Pikey' Rose Gibb and her team at the Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust for contributing so much to the doubling of the c.diff death rate in the past 12 months.

    Rose (pictured below - wouldya lads, wouldya) is currently enjoying a well earned rest and planning how to spend her £250,000 payoff while the CPS decide that prosecuting her for corporate manslaughter is not in the public interest. If only she worked for BUPA - then prosecution would be in the public interest.