A Boy Named Sue

Does anyone remember "The boy named Sue" who was a civi who worked at the SEE at Arborfield? Lovingly nicknamed George by most course members and was last seen residing in the Sgts mess. I often wondered if some drunken tiffy had done a "crying game" with her/him.


Would that be Sue, with the 5 o'clock shadow? Ex Matlot CPO?
If of irish descent then yes, worked in telecoms I believe.
I believe heshe was a MOD employee until serco took over in 1990/91


Remember said individual well.

Was on class 1 tels course back in '89 and she taught on the inital 6 week ESD phase.

I believe she was ex-matelot and then residing in Hazebrook sgts mess, had the worst dress sense of anyone, male or female, generally looking like she was wearing a pair of 1970's curtains. I'm sure i'm not alone in remembering this??

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