A book about getting out of the Army with free CV and Cover Letter Template.

Hey there fellow ARRSE'ers.

My name is Andrew Pyle and I wrote a book about leaving the Army for you. This is not a book full of ridiculous old pseudo Science, no..... for this book we made up entirely new pseudo science!

What qualifies me to do this? I left the British Army in 2003 and went through the typical demob process
- Some crusty old guy telling me which font to use in a CV
- Presented with a bronze soldier statue to put on the mantle piece

Well since leaving the Army I did the usual Security, maintenance, low key jobs whilst probably making all of the same mistakes that the gazillions of soldiers who left the Army before me made.

So then I became a trainer for a civilain training company and spent nearly six years delivering Civvy Quals to the Army all over the UK, Germany and Gib. Unfortunately I found myself unemployed at the start of the year during a very difficult time.

I applied for over a hundred jobs and got rejected from them in one way or another. No I was not incompetent, there is just an insane amount of competition out there.

So I recorded all the things I learned and put them in a book and got it published.

Not only that, I put together a CV and Cover letter template that should be easy for you to follow (I admit it's not the best CV in the world but I tell you what, its a dam good start if you don't know what you're doing).

And then it struck me that I could share all the things I've learned in video format too, which you can see for free.

And then it struck me, that by utilising facebook, I could break down the entire Untied Kingdom down into a county by county basis for people leaving the Armed Forces to have an instant network of contacts in THEIR own home town, who all know what its like to leave the military AND have the local knowledge to share in the ground.

Essentially this is all about tapping into the things that actually work on the ground.

There's no stupid advertising on the site, there's no hidden fees, there's no selling of your details, there's just some swag to buy to help keep the site running and a sh!t load of info to help you make the transition to Civvy Street.

The book is available from Amazon, Waterstones, WHSmith, Play.com, the Book depository and a few more. The book costs £12.85 but if you are a tight wad and don't want to pay that much or don't want to wait for it to be delivered, then there is an electronic PDF version of the book available for a few pounds cheaper.

and where do you get all this?

go to imgettingout Homepage

Yes, seriously I called the website "imgettingout"

P.S. I am fully aware that my surname is Pyle and am fully aware of the Film Full Metal Jacket

P.P.S. If you have any questions or want to tell me the website is crap then email me at andrewpyle@imgettingout.com

P.P.P.S I've decided that the first three ARRSE'ers to email the phrase "Strangely Brown" to the email address mentioned above with an explanation as to why they should get it, will receive a free copy of the book. No hassle, no strings, no catches.

Cheers then, hope it helps.

Just two questions

1.How come the price is in US$? Is this a yankee book?
2. Why is the download version more expensive then the paperback? Or is that not subject to the half price deal?
Hey Cabana,

This is very much a British Book, for British Service personnel. The linked website is a default American website but will have a British currency button somewhere. The original price of the paper back is £12.85 and is available today for £6.43.

And you are correct, the download version is not subject to the 50% discount. Purely because a discount option is not available with download items.
Cheers imgettingout

I chose the download version in the end as it works out about the same price as the paperback version with p&p and I got it straight away.....less hassle with bfpo address

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