A Bombing in Karachi,Taliban Setup Office in South Wazirista

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by NEO_CON, Apr 12, 2006.

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  1. Bombing in Karachi - two possibilities inter religious conflict between Shiites or Sunnis or hardline Sunnis tryimg to cause havoc.
    Taliban re-birth in Waziristan - well if you see your village continously bombed by Pakistani forces and you have the Afghani agents reminding you of the greateness of a possible 'Pastunistan'. Waziristan - a place that central government never had control of is going to become even more remarkably unstable. Musharraf was doing quite well untill Bush upped the pressure on him.

    So if you want to talk about appeasement - look at the actions of stupid politicians living in washington.
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    Oh I see its the evil Pakistani coupled with the the evil Americans that is the problem . I would think that the central government has the right to enforce law over it's territory. I would think you would supportive when the Taliban is trying to kill British soldiers. Pakistan is acting in its interest, the US interest British interest and trying to stop those who have been invading a neighboring country. Even the UN should approve. But not you ?

    Waziristan is dominated by pashtun tribes, who are ethnically and culturally different to Punjabi governing establishment. They have their own language and have always been resentful to central government control so much so, that even the British left the tribes alone when they ruled because they had this awful habit of killing any agents of central government.
    The Pashtuns being a tribal lot are reside in northern Pakistan and southern Afghanistan and bonds are close, and since the Taliban were pashtun dominated so in part the tribal support for them.
    It has to be remembered that in part of the world tribal loyalty supersedes national loyalty.

    The Politics
    Since Musharraf came to power, Pakistan has come up leaps and bounds but the problem for the general is that his alliance with America is bringing him no political benefits what’s so ever, it's actually weakening him. The Pakistani population hates it and Musharraf is getting no loyalty in return. All the people see is America cosying up to India, who are suspected of stirring up Nationalist elements in Balochistan and stirring up Karzai against the Pakistanis. The Pakistanis have lost 100s of troops in their action against the Taliban in places like Waziristan and in return for what?
    1) An angry Pashtun population - who before military action began were enjoying warmer relations with central government.
    2) Neighbouring countries (Afghanistan and India) who are cementing an anti-Pakistani alliance and an ally -America who says that Pakistan needs to do more for Afghanistan and the War on Terror.
    3) Also going back to Afghanistan, would you really want to help a government that was telling some of your people they should break away and form their own state?

    I think Musharraf is good for Pakistan and I think despite American demands for him to quicken the process of democratisation, he should stay.
    But I think the Americans need to reconsider their strategy in South Asia and show the Pakistanis and Musharraf more support.
    They also need to tell the Indians and the Afghanis to back down in their anti-Pakistan activities.
    In addition, they need to accept that if Musharraf goes in too hard against the tribes they will lose. Musharraf also needs to go back to the earlier strategy of offering domestic and central services to the tribes; it was a successful strategy, which saw supporters of Taliban easily ousted.

    Therefore it’s not a case of evil Americans or Pakistanis - its just that I think there needs to be a reconsideration of strategy if the Taliban is to removed or subdued in NWFP.

    Pakistan is central to the WOT, if Musharraf goes we lose a valuable ally.

    If you have time may I suggest Olaf Caroe’s ‘The Pathans’ and ‘The Wells of Power’ about the history of the Pathans (The Pashtunis) and the importance of Pakistan in terms of strategic thinking when it comes to Asia and the Middle East.