A Bollocking & a Haircut: Civvies perception of the Army

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by fingers_1661, Mar 25, 2010.

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  1. I hate hippies, I think they need to be gripped by Professionals!
  2. How did this guy NOT know about the Extended Learning Credits? He didn't even read quest and think 'ELC what are those?' Or the posters taht are up all voer most signals units?

    Further more, he is STILL entitled to the ELC payments.
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  3. When everybody joins up they all know that one day they will have to leave. Bleating about how the Army didn't give them sufficent time/money to resettle doesn't win any sympathy from me. There are plenty of opportunities to gain qualifications whilst still serving without having to spend your own money. I have got an HND, a NEBOSH certificate and the PRINCE 2 practitioner qualificatio all whilst serving and without having to put my hand in my pocket.
    I find it highly unlikely that personnel don't know about enhanced learning credits. Every year every single soldier and officer gets £180 towards civilian courses. There is also a website called the Defence Learning Portal where you can do all sorts of on line training including Association of Project Management qualifications and ECDL. The vast majority of non teeth arm trades have civilian qualifications linked to them. I would also like to point out that how much time/money you get for resettlemen is calculated according to time in service. All personnel know that if you leave with under 5 years that you aren't going to get a lot so again, bite the bullet, do the extra year and get the extra time & money.
    I know I probably sound exceptionally harsh however, like I said before, you know that one day you are going to have to leave somebody. The advice I give to my guys and girls is this: resettlement starts the day you join up, not you last year in service. Take every opportunity to get on courses that will make you more employable when you come to leave.
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  4. I'm sure he could get work as a Sean Bean double !
  5. Someone's Sharp(e) this morning.
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  6. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Some time ago I had to get a ref from the MoD explaining what the duties of my role had been. The civil servant (I assume) respondent in the Second Sea Lord's department got it completely wrong, in fact the job description was somewhat unhelpful, not to say a load of tripe. It had obviously not been bounced off anyone in a blue suit before despatch. If the MoD can't get it's head round what Service roles are, fat chance a Jobcentre clerk or a civilian employer will understand.
  7. There's a danger here that this sort of thing could undo the good work in raising the profile of service personnel in the minds of Joe Civvy. To refer to something nobody else gets as 'only' makes him look like a bit of a whinger.

    Try getting a civvy employer to pay anything towards when you leave them, let alone provide resettlement advice and training. It may not be great, but it's far better than Joe can expect himself.
  8. I suspect he's one of those blokes who expects every thing on a plate for him. Then goes in a strop when its not.
  9. You've got it in one there Rigrat. Some of the blokes think that they should be told everything and not have to do any of the leg work for themselves.
  10. Yon fella Mepham does seem to fit in to the bracket of 'I couldn't be arrsed to find out, so went off half cocked and spent a lot of money, now I'm bitter'. Wonder if he signed off from the Army in a strop?
  11. Chin up Mepham, you chose to sign off. Deal with it.
  12. What was he doing in the Royal Signals that meant he had no qualifications so he ended up going into security? Everybody knows that to start getting decent resettlement grants etc you need to do over 5 years so stop whining b1tch!
  13. Sounds like a lad we had in our troop, we worked out he spent more time on guard than in the Sqn, moaned about being in the troop, moaned about being on guard, no tours and maintains the Army was shit and how he got Naff all in the way of quals. We have a good learning centre on camp and had plenty of time/opportunity to get on courses but would rather shimph!
  14. For the younger lads a lot does depend on having a decent Troopy and a good Sqn 2 I/C. When I tipped up at my first Sqn I was asked what trade I was. I told them I was a planty, they replied "you're lucky then as you get feck all in the way of courses in the field troop".