A bloody good question...

Transcript of a corruption inquiry into a former labour politician's finances yesterday.

THE COMMISSIONER: Well, put it this way, Mr Macdonald, would youagree that some, that those on the Left Wing or in the Left Wing had somesocialist values?---Yes, that would be probably a better way of putting it.MR STITT: Is his Honour question correct?---Yes, yes, I’m agreeing withthat.Thank you. My question is how many socialists do you know who have 14
bank accounts?


I've yet to figure out how a leftie trade unionist can end up running NATO.

George Robertson - ARRSEpedia
All part of the plan they started in the 1960's to enable the Soviets to take over UK. Must be a bit annoying that having achieved the aim of having their chosen man in NATO, the USSR no longer exists, typical socialists great plans but always out of date before they succeed!

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