A blog thats acutally useful and enjouyable to read

Seen this posted this elsewhere should keep you entertained for a few hours BTW some pics not safe for work :wink:

Guess her Muff

Yeah I know it should be in the links thread but too good not to be seen by the majority :D
Qualiity... I was wrong 23 times so had to have another go... bugger eh !! :)


War Hero
Good skills! It took me at least 42 views to work out the pattern.

Hang on, one of them looks like my mum! :pukel:


Kit Reviewer
Made it to the end without spotting my missus or a relative, so happy days! Top quality blog that I shall be assigning to an RSS feed :D
Well personally i'm disgusted! I'll have a few more oggles and let you know how disgusted later. :p
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