A blog for those wanting to follow from day one!

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by quitmy9to5, Sep 26, 2011.

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  1. Hi all,

    i was looking for a decent blog from someone who was starting basic and onwards and couldnt find one (maybe my fault) but i ended up starting one myself. I understand for those guys already in it will be of no interest to you. but i enjoy writing and maybe some people will find it helpful.

    I will be posting anything i deem relevant and this thread is a place where if you want to know something whether it be about the preperation up to phase one or what its all like down there just let me know.

    Hoping not too many people drop in and rip my writing to threads..but either way..i enjoy it!

    All i ask is you sign up to the blog so i know its getting some reads and post comments on bits you enjoyed or thought were ******* pointless!

    link is here...


    Best of luck to all those training for ADSC and those in basic training and furtehr in their career..

    If you want an ADSC blog let me know..just realised i didnt post one..
  2. All the best mate.
  3. appreciate it mate.
  4. thanks to all those that have taken the time to read it..if you could post any comments or for those about to walk into the careers office or go on ADSC have any questions that i can help with while its all still fresh in my head let me know...
  5. Brilliant read pal, its gone on my bookmarks!
  6. thanks mate, leave any comments you want and happy to help with what i can... where are you in the process or not there yet? either way...thanks for the comments
  7. thanks for the read guys. for those that asked i will be putting up what i remeber from my ADSC with a few notes and bits to try and help...
  8. Just posted the ADSC blog...hope it helps someone...
  9. hey guys, thanks for the views, mesasges and a couple of emails. glad a few of you are bookmarking the blog. if you could leave comments to let me know what you think or post here with anything you want in the future just let me know. thanks all..
  10. Just throwing this out there:

    I now have my phase one start date. So is there anything any of you guys want to know that i may be able to help with on the blog or that may be a good read...i know at this current moment my knowledge is limited but will be blogging all the way if i see its helping... will try and give as much insight into phase one at pirbright as possible..

    best of luck all
  11. It's a good read mate - keep it up. It's a bit late for me (by more than 30 years), but I enjoyed reading the blog and I guess it'll be reassuring/informative for those who follow you.

    Good luck,

  12. Don, thanks for the kind words and just that will keep me motivated enough. 30 years..wow...well i hope to have a good carerr... all the best...

  13. hi all, just put up a new blog. more of a reflection of the decision to join more than advice or experience of selection. let me knw what you think, comments would be great, followers great, emails great...thanks all...im enjoying writing it and look forward to having a lot to talk about in phase one
  14. Good blog mate, adding to faves, if I get through my medical I may attempt something similar for TA.. Good luck buddy
  15. appreciate it mate. stay in touch and let me know if you do. would enjoy reading it. best of luck