A bleak summer ahead?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by zero-over, Feb 26, 2012.

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  1. A perfect storm of bad news seems to be gathering to ruin 2012:

    Firstly, a new disease threatens to decimate livestock production & drive up prices: BBC News - Livestock Schmallenberg virus hits 74 farms in England

    Secondly, water shortages due to lack of rainfall promise to bring hosepipe bans and other predictions: Half of UK households 'could face water restrictions by April' | Environment | The Guardian

    Thirdly, Russia is cutting its supply of Gas to Europe, meaning prices will inevitably rise: Gas prices hit six year high - Telegraph

    Oh, and the promised economic boost that the Government has been touting as the major benefit of the Olympics isn't holding up to scrutiny either: Security cuts after Games | Latest News | London 2012 | Sky Sports Olympics

    Still, you've got to laugh eh?
  2. So this new disease will only kill every tenth animal? That's not too bad.
  3. I'm installing a log burning stove in my UK residence. Seems appropriate since we are surrounded by woodland and there are branches everywhere on the ground. And along road verges. Stuff the Russians and their gas.
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  4. Wait untill you find out how much wood those bastards burn. In the midlands signs are sprouting up all over saying nicking wood is a criminal offence.
    Laugh my nuts off when I see bags of wood in B&Q for seven quid. I light mine with more than is in the bag.
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  5. Well now veggie so the meat thing doesn't worry me.

    Water thing is a bit of a worry, but knowing our climate it will piss down all summer.

    Russians can stuff their gas, I will put another jumper on, and the gas companies don't need that excuse to jack up prices.
  6. What will you do for the next two years?
  7. Beat me to it, I'm rural Exmoor medium sized wood burner, the amount of prep to get 4 month's worth is humungeous..and I've got storage/chain saws/log splitter...unless you buy the wood in big lumps its too expensive....."not a lot of people know that" (michael caine)
  8. Fit a 100% oxygen system to your woodburner.

    Then you'll be able to burn brick, metal and water.
  9. No one in their right mind would be so sanguine. Would you care to lose 10% of your new stock, be they biscuits, lambs, widgets or beef?
  10. If you can get the wood home in a trailer, use an electric alligator saw with a green wood 9" blade...... hell of a lot safer, and cheaper than chains, I also use a £50 chopsaw I picked up from Screwfix.
  11. I've got a multifuel burner, yes they do go through wood at a scary rate of knots, however, I can burn coal too, so tend to mix it up a bit. You can also get those fan things that pump the air round the house.
  12. And keep the fire brigade no. handy..unless your chimney/liner(here read 'industrial') is the right sort your in trouble...we get a lot of 'part time country folk' setting fire to their chimneys..
  13. 9"..you burning twigs then..!!..:)
  14. Water, not a problem for us, only problem is how much we are going to charge you for it!
  15. I will drink my own piss before I have to buy Troglodyte water, and that includes that shite beer Brains.