A Black or a Female?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by annakey, Jan 5, 2008.

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  1. Whom would arssers support at a Sep caucus - some members may even be attending - if forced onto the Democrat ticket? There were amusing lemon faces in the Clinton camp after Iowa. Even the women abandoned Hilary for Barack Hussein Obama, Jr.

    Early days, of course. But has Bush driven America so far to the left that ground is now open even for the non-liberal left? Could the Seps really elect a black President, whose middle name is Hussein, later this year?
  2. fcuking petty of them if they dont just because his middle name is hussein, but then again it is the bloody septics, And if they elect nanna clinton she will die before her term is up, nothing worse than a women with power.
  3. To be fair to him he doesn't play the race card very often and targets a wide audience unlike Jesse Jackson who used it at every opportunity and had a mainly ethinic audience.
  4. Hilary or Barack both bad news for the USA. Here's hoping for a rerun of the grassy knoll......
  5. They should go for Condi Rice as the next POTUS.

    Gay, black and a woman.

    That would have to get her into the Guiness Book of Records.
  6. When I first heard Obama was standing I thought: "Lordy, the Yanks will never elect a black. He'll just use his candidacy to drive black issues up the political agenda, like Jessie Jackson did."

    But there's this:

    Plus the fact that the US right of centre probably hates uppity women even more than uppity blacks. With a black you can keep him the other side of the railway tracks, exclude him from your children’s school (usually), stuff him into jail, get him killed in the army, etc.

    But even jocks have mothers. So an uppity female is much more threatening. Presumably Obama's advisors know this and will play on it. But it’s an interesting political phenomenon: how racism goes less deep than women-hatred.
  7. Who cares who wins....but i'd do Hilary no prob.
  8. I thought you already had. :?


  9. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    There's an op-ed piece in the Guardian which makes some interesting points about why Clinton is just as much a turn off as Bush:
    Hillary is the candidate of retribution, not hope

  10. Anyone know if Barack Obama has ever served in the forces? I know that was a criticism of Hilary Clinton as she is/was expecting to be the commandering chief.
  11. That makes sense. The Clintons are old hat. So is the Ann Coulter-Michael Moore culture war stuff. Crashing bore.
  12. Strange, isn't it? The idea of a woman (particularly that Clinton harridan) as President, or a black, or a bottom-feeler gives me the .303 depression/redmist again, but none of the candidates (Dem or Rep) would give me as much confidence as Condoleezza Rice in the post.

    Edited for gay/black/feminist spelling.
  13. Actually Annakey, as a devout loather of anything PC I think your thread title offensive. Obama does not define himself as black, but as a talented individual wanting to work for everyone. Clinton would define herself as anything you want her to be so long as you vote for her.

    You insult all black chaps and all women. Shame on you.
  14. Ziltch. He's never served.
  15. Consider yourself lucky, oh PC_Mushroom. I almost called it "Uppity Black or Raging Harridan?"


    Oh come on. I've heard him go on and on and on on national TV about his Kenyan father and Jewish mum. What's that if not "defining" himself?