A black boy goes to heaven

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Jokes' started by Peter Dow Disciple, Jun 26, 2011.

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  1. A 6 year old black boy from London is playing with his action men in a busy london street, when he is tragically hit by a car.

    The little black boy wakes up to find himself at the gates of heaven where he meets st peter who brings him through the gates of heaven.

    As Peter and the Little black boy are walking through the beautiful white clouds of heaven he is struck in awe at the blonde haired, blue eyed angels cascading through heavens skies all around him and he chuckles in excitment.

    He is finally introduced to god by st peter and he asks god to give him a pair of wings like the beautiful angels he had seen soaring through heavens skies previously. However st peter and god look to the side in a very awkward way. So he pleads and pleads and finally god gives him a pair of wings which he vibrates and starts to jerk around in the air from side to side.

    ........ The little boy starts crying and says 'oh god do these wings mean that I am an angel.

    ......... to which god replies ' ..... no it makes you a fly'
  2. yeh,..................it was funnier down the Pub..............
  3. Sometime over the 30 years or so since I first heard it, it seems to have changed from a bat. Hasn't improved it any though.

    Could do better 0/10

    Eric has a point.
  4. Fucking generous of you.
  5. Your hapless attempt at humour doesn't distract anyone from the sound conclusion that you are a cunt.

    ...its the way i tell 'em - next please......
  6. PDD was given some wings by a random deity somewhere, he said 'Does this make me an angel?' to which the deity replies 'No PDD you're still a cunt!'
  7. Yeh,.....................it was funnier down the Pub.....................
  8. It helps if you have a sense of humour
  9. I thought it made him a bat???
  10. As did everyone else
  11. To be fair when there was no mention of submachine guns and blacked out SUV's I thought bollocks
  12. AAGF


    Alternative ending: Kid wanted to come back as a stud, having seen his "brothers" with the women

    St. Peter comes by a few months later and asks how he's doing?

    God says:- Dunno - last I saw him he was in a snow tyre in Minnesota ...
  13. Yes we all have one. Thing is ours is GOOD.
  14. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    jim davidson called, he says he wants his joke back.

    he said he thinks you're a cnut as well.
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  15. No mate. It only helps if you have had at least 10 pints.