A bit too much testosterone Officer? Police - Stop - Overreaction

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Semper_Flexibilis, Aug 5, 2010.

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  1. I do have some knowledge of this case, and it's not so much too much testosterone as it is too few brain cells.
  2. Lets see how Dibble talk their way out of that.
  3. Well minor traffic offences are the favoured target of many Police Officers.
    Given that the patrol cars own footage show that the Police persuit was at speeds less than 40mph it would appear the aggresion was more than a little bit misplaced. The patrol car made no visible atempt to overtake or stop the Range Rover.
    Given that the video was left to run, the officers obviously felt their actions were proportionate.....
  4. I like the henious crimes they managed to convict him of though.

    Makes all the baton wielding and stuff seem worth it all.
  5. I assume that Dibble forgot that the video was still running, *********.
  6. I suspect not. I rather think they thought that their actions were appropriate
  7. Thank God for Our Boys In Blue. I feel at once safe and comforted knowing that there's one less pension-dossing, slipper-wearing, possibly-diabetic old-timer gallavanting around the quiet country roads of Wherevershire.

    I'm sure it was perfectly necessary to utilise three people to jump up and down on his wind-screen, baton his window to pieces and then, upon witnessing the man to be a terrified tax-payer, to still reach in, rag him about and drag him out of his vehicle.

    Who said our taxes are misspent? Apart from the Opposition, of course?
  8. So who will pay for the smashed windcsreen, door glass, damaged door and bonnet?
    (and it's not going to be cheap on a Range Rover)

    Oh yes, indirectly that will be us.
  9. Whilst smashing in the window seemed a bit excesive, the driver was failing to stop in time, as far as the Copper was aware he could've nicked the thing. Besides it was a 4x4 deserved to get his head kicked in!
  10. Mr Whatley said: "It’s something you might expect in America but not in the quiet of the British countryside.”

    It certainly could happen in America but if it did Mr Whatley would end his life a rich man after a major judgement from a Federal court.

    He and his lawyer would both be quite wealthy. I used to make my living defending cops. If I saw that video I would be immediately trying for the best settlement I could get as I would not want that video seen by a jury.

  11. The biggest idiot is anyone who left that bloke with a license, obviously doesnt understand the rules of the road, refused to leave his car on request and drove off from the police refusing to accept a ticket.

    Retest at the very least. Give the police a break there sometimes Dim but you forget the man has done wrong
  12. What a bunch of PRATS, interesting how big plod was pushing and shoving the concerned motorist who had pulled over, hopefully these three clowns will be walking a beat with a pcso as company for the foreseeble future. I am not anti police in any way, but it really pees me off to see morons abusing their authority, having previously stopped this guy, they were well aware of his age etc.He posed no threat to them, to justify their heroics they fill the charge sheet with every "crime" they can think of, fck*ng good job he was'nt sucking on a mars bar,that would have been prison.
  13. Dim? They kicked the arse out of a 4X4 and caused some serious though petty damage to the vehicle and possibly Mr Whatley. There's no excuse for that, least of all them being dim.
  14. "Police pulled over Robert Whatley, 70, for not wearing a seat belt as he drove through country lanes in South Wales. The 8-mile chase started after officers tried to give Mr Whatley a fixed penalty notice but he drove off. "
    So the driver thought he was above the law? doing a runner from the police, not stopping for EIGHT MILES. Illegal plates and tinted windows. Fvck him! He could have avoided the whole thing my buckling up and taking the original fine.