a bit of tech support, remote controling a pc

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by offog, Jun 8, 2010.

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  1. I Have a slight problem sorting out my mothers email account. She is in Hampshire I am in Lincolnshire so can’t drop by. She is 83 and hard of hearing and it is difficult to work over the phone. I have just spent 2 hours with the phone at my ear and trying very hard to be calm when thing are not going well and you can‘t see what she is doing.

    I know you can remote control a pc form another but not how to do it.

    Can I have an idiots guide please.
  2. In XP can you can offer remote support, from the control panel > tools > somewhere..
  3. IP address is easy to find out from the CMD prompt. ipconfig /all
  4. That won't work if either machine is behind a router, NAT foox it up. Not only that you have to be using XP pro and be connected via a VPN.

    Best bet is to get a third party VPN. Symantec do PC anyware (I have used this with work and it does) but thats paid for. There are plenty of free alternatives.
  5. thanks for the start guys, I should also mention I am on XP and she is on Vista. Will this be a problem?
  6. https://secure.logmein.com/UK/

    Free for home use. A mate at work uses this. he says it's easy to use. It must be becouse, he is shoit at anything other than DOS.
  7. Or try

    team viewer

    no computer knowledge required

    fire up the software. set password. its give you an ID.

    send ID/pass to support person.

    support person Enters ID/pass into teamviewer et voila. remote control.

    It is free for personal use.
  8. Yes and no, it is available in the Professional, Business, or Ultimate versions of Vista, doesn't need a VPN if using an IP address. The NAT problem can be got around using port forwarding.

    But as you suggest there are easier solutions to be had.
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    That's the internal, not external address mate. If you want your external IP the easiest way is to browse to www.whatismyip.co.uk, or log onto your router.