A bit of provocation

As it has been a bit quiet on the forum (unlike me, you chaps obviously have a life!), I thought I would pose a question.
As I understand it, the current status quo is; if you are a gazelle ('araldite pursuit ship' in my day) pilot then you are probably lower than a ppl and certainly not worthy of being in the same room as a lynx ('hanger queen' a name given by a Norwegian base commander )jockey.
With the advent of AH or Apache or whatever it will be called...
Who is going to be the top dog now?

Before all you gaz chaps get too irate, thats what I was. I was a crewman on larry prior to that but I decided not to do a lynx course because I wanted to remain a pilot :wink: )
Quiche eaters were gazelle pilots in my day, lynx pilot ate egg and ham pie. A friend of mine renamed our lynx flight as Sumo flight because a whistling chicken leg couldn't support the extra weight after eating all the pies.
As for the apache should be included in the simms family cause that's where most of the pilot will spend their time!!
Ah, I see the 'Attack Pilots Dinner Thread on PPrune' is acheiving the aim far more effectively than my highly obvious attempt here (and it was deliberately, highly obvious!) :D


I think a bit of elitism is a good thing if it is done light heartedly. It can have the effect of motivating people to push themselves a little further to achieve something that otherwise they may have given up on or not attempted (you never fail anything by trying!).

As an example if SAS windproof smocks were actually called Smock-Chef-GS would every Bar Commando wanna wear one?

Food for thought the AH course is not easy, before you start whining neither is the Army Pilots course! However I think we all agree that the AH is not just about flying the airframe but about fighting the machine on an increasingly unpredictable and fluid modern battle area. So if they want to wear "attack" on their badges etc let them its exactly the sort of spirit that wins wars.


Just thought about what I just posted, I am getting more serious and boring as I get older.

Im off to drink a bottle of Vodka and eat some budgies!! :twisted:


Yeah I know Flash. What to do though thats the thing the young guys (and Girls) now dont go in for naked marathons through a randomly picked town. And I believe some even join up able to read and write!!!!

I guess I should adapt or die.

Or am I bluffing?? :?


The Lord Flasheart said:
Dunno about bluffing ginge but you are now the holder of the award for the worlds biggest avatar!! :lol: :lol:
Thats not the only 'Worlds Biggest' award I hold Flash! If you you are confused ask your wife/daughter/niece/mother etc!!
His wife and daughter are the same person mate.

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