A bit of justice in this world...

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by barrett, May 1, 2009.

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  1. I would have preferred the death sentence for these animals, but let's hope they get the 'treatment' in prison they so richly deserve.

    "Four men guilty of the sectarian murder of a Catholic
    schoolboy in Northern Ireland were sentenced to life
    imprisonment today."

    "...Michael, known to friends and family as Micky Bo, was
    punched, kicked and beaten with a baseball bat in an
    alleyway of the town after a row involving a group of
    Protestant teenagers.

    He died hours later in hospital."

  2. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    You sure it was sectarian, I mean he was fcuking Ginger should have been clubed to death for that at birth.

    Oh nice link to a "non sectarian" www as well!
  3. I'm a ginger too, so I resemble that remark! :wink:

    Seriously, don't really think IAIS is biased myself - the facts of the case speak for themselves. Would say the same if a Prod teenager had been done in. BTW, I'm originally from the north and know lots of folks there - everyone I've spoken to agrees it was sectarian.
  4. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Well I think your all mad! I have family on both sides of the border and the sectarian divide. Infact One bit of the family wont speak to their son because although he grew up in the south as a catholic he moved to the north and became a presbeterian minister.

    Your all bonkers.

    And as for your gingerness boot polish works or shave it all off its your only hope of redemption. You know only bad things can come of it!

    as for the lad, bloody shame and the perpetrators should get life for taking a life. The tarrif should be set on that basis and that basis alone.

    And to assert my complete impartiality. two jokes.

    whats the difference between an apple and an orange? theres no such thing as an apple bastard!

    whys the pope the most hated man in the world? cause he's a fcuking catholic.
  5. Well said that man!!!
  6. My condolences. :wink:

    The ladies have never minded!


    Um, I think you have the second part of that statement wrong, mate! Is part of the problem with the priesthood!
  7. Are you joking? Have you read anything on that site? It's about as bias as it gets.
  8. I read it all of the time - to me, it doesn't seem particularly biased. But then, one man's bias is another's objectivity.
  9. barrett,

    Go back to what you were doing before you joined arrse and leave this site.

    You are right to be outraged at what happened to this lad.

    But please don't bring in the sectarian angle. Like BiscuitsAB I too have family on both sides.

    If it wasn't for the sectarian angle, my family would still find something to fight about, most probably among themselves.

    Get off your soapbox before other arrsers push the buttons that really wind you up.

    After Charity, it's what arrse is best at.
  10. Not on a soapbox at all, but it can't be denied that sectarianism does exist in the North, Spark, on both sides, and that violence is still committed because of it.

    It takes much to 'wind' me up, so no worries.