A bit of advice!


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Never ever confiscate the laptop from the kids just prior to going for a shite!

I now find that after, only have a quick look, two and a half hours later that my legs have gone to sleep and my arrse is number than a numb thing. I cant stand!!

Take note people......
I'm sure Jarrod could give you some arrse massage therapy if you just ask politely..............
coz he's a Nurse you see........
cbgramc said:
mattrlc said:
B_AND_T said:
mattrlc said:
being locked in a bathroom, with access to the internet, youporn? embrace the moment
Door not locked! Bloody kids!
this is where you have to master the one foot against the door an lean forward motion
Very dangerous when you get to the vinegar strokes you could kick the door in.
It's a barstard when the door opens out though. :lol:

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