A bit of a morbid question about casualties in Afghan/Iraq

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Ace_Rimmer, Feb 24, 2009.

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  1. I know the figures for service personnel killed in Iraq and Afghanistan are well documented but is there a reliable source for the number of VSI/Amputee type casualties? Due to the nature of the enemy action and prominent use of IEDs etc. I would think that there are a great many soldiers that survived but have suffered horrendous injury. So I wondered if the scale is actually known and/or a matter of public knowledge.

  2. Too many.

    Hole it.
  3. Why would you need to know that information?
  4. This is the third thread on this subject in just over a week, Why? These figures are not a secret and are published frequently.
  5. bin in the press, innit
  6. Is it really?? My apologies for that. It just occurred to me last night that I haven't seen it on here before but it was quite an important issue.

    I'll have a more thorough search. I had a brief look but couldn't see anything obvious. I'm probably just an IT mong.

  7. Also, I don't "need" to know that info. The reason I ask is that we're ALWAYS hearing the latest body-count (I use that term as that's about the depth of meaning the media attribute to it!) but not the real toll on the armed forces. I'm not serving and haven't been on operations so I don't know the true picture.

    Modern medicine is really bloody good and we can keep people alive even though they are barely just a body and a head! Therefore, is the number of living but heavily disabled/incapacitated reflecting this or if you are hit by an IED are you pretty much dead?

    It's important to me as it gives a much better understanding of the rick involved to our soldiers on operations. Something which I think I should be aware of!

    Other than that, there's no other motives or hidden agendas.
  8. Have read the link, but can only pass on what a friend who is presently attched to the MOD said before Christmas - that we are suffering far, far more life changing injuries than the public know about.
    Why keep it quiet? So as Terry doesn't get to realise how successful he's being (mate is Mercian officer)
  9. Unfortunately, I imagined that was the case. I've looked on a number of websites now and they are very hazy about the exact nature of casualties. I'm not saying they should have a fanfare saying "well this month we've got another 4 soldiers that will spend their lives in wheelchairs" but I would have thought the information would have been there for those that are interested.

    I'm sure it wouldn't do recruitment and retention much good either.
  10. As an aside, during the Vietnam (or possiby immediately post-Vietnam) era the US Media was not allowed to show the coffins of dead soldiers as they were repatriated. Instead the media showed far more images of disabled soldiers.

    Whereas here in Britain the media frequently shows coffins but rarely mentions those disabled in war (although this is now changing as more soldiers are coming back injured)
  11. To answer your question sir, like in any war, if you see action, and if your lucky to make it back in one piece (pysically) most will come back mentaly inpared to various degrees. Some deal better with it than others. "Combat stress" mental wellfare society, deal with thousands of veterans evey year from all three services, at their three treatment centers in the U.K. That is the reality of warfare. -------------- And the government \ M.O.D ?--------- well lets just say that they do not spend a peney on advertising those facts :!: ----- So now you know, and dont let anybody else tell you any diffrent ! :wink: :wink: