A bit corny .. But>

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Adam(KOS), Aug 24, 2009.

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  1. By god that is corny, you doing Yorkshire Regt crystal jobbies yet by the way, Adam?
  2. Only if the numbers are high enough I'm afraid. (100s)
  3. Hmm, I see. What about two orders, an IOU for a blowjob and a snapped Help 4 Heroes wristband?
  4. The MILF in the opening scene could thank me at any time,and in any way she wanted.
  5. (Opening shot) "Huuuuur huuuur, while you're down there love!"
  6. The relpy to that one belongs in the NAAFI. :) :wink:
  7. Give the veterans returning from active service FREE EVERYTHING...... end of. ------- I myself, have fourght tooth and funking nail, and have won the right, to get FREE bus travel for disabled war pensoners in Wales (regardless of age) starting April 2011.------ see charities and welfare. :salut:
  8. The sentiment is right but not too sure about the arabic gesture of the hand! A simple slap on the back will suffice or a knowing wink of the eye!
  9. I thought it was what deafo's use for hello.
  10. Thats the gayest thing I have ever seen! Why not just nod and say "awight".

    Stop this gayness ffs!!
  11. Seconded - that is tragic, lame sceptic bollox. By the buggers a beer if you're that grateful
  12. Lame as... you don't need to use gimp hand signs... A H4H lapel would be more discreet and who wants to made to feel uneasy, don't see that working somehow