A bit corny .. But>

Adam(KOS) said:
Whiskey_60 said:
Adam(KOS) said:
The Septics have started a new way for the public to show their appreciation to their armed forces >> Seems a bit 'typically Yank' but I like the concept.
By god that is corny, you doing Yorkshire Regt crystal jobbies yet by the way, Adam?
Only if the numbers are high enough I'm afraid. (100s)
Hmm, I see. What about two orders, an IOU for a blowjob and a snapped Help 4 Heroes wristband?


Give the veterans returning from active service FREE EVERYTHING...... end of. ------- I myself, have fourght tooth and funking nail, and have won the right, to get FREE bus travel for disabled war pensoners in Wales (regardless of age) starting April 2011.------ see charities and welfare. :salut:
The sentiment is right but not too sure about the arabic gesture of the hand! A simple slap on the back will suffice or a knowing wink of the eye!
I thought it was what deafo's use for hello.
Lame as... you don't need to use gimp hand signs... A H4H lapel would be more discreet and who wants to made to feel uneasy, don't see that working somehow

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