A bit confused....

Hi all, I have a question that I hope you can answer for me?

My 16 yr old son has been looking to join the army since he was 14, to cut a long story short he has been back and forth to the careers office.....today I got a quick call from him (he lives with his mum and I am miles away) to say he is now doing four days a week paid (Starting tomorrow at 9.30 (£40 a week or something)) and it is called pre selection training or pre military training - then in January he goes for selection....I think, the message was garbled and now he is out with his GF so I cannot get the details!

Is this right as I cannot find any info on this on the MOD site etc?

Thanks in advance, from a slightly confused old dad!
Public services course at a local college?

Not sure why they would be paying him though, the paid aprenticeships run by the army are at the foundation colleges so funding will be coming from elsewhere I assume?

Whatever the course is or whoever is funding it it's nothing directly to do with the forces even if they are offering a look at life sort of thing like they do for schools, standards vary on these courses, I know the local one to be a bit shit and a waste of time as they don't push them and the "instructors" lack actual full time service experience.
Thanks Buzz/Flt

He has to report to the TA centre tomorrow morning at 9.30 - knowing my son he has got it all ars(s)e backward - he did have to give them his bank details?

I seems like MPCT but he says it is ongoing until Jan (the MPCT course runs for one week only by the looks of it)?

Hopefully by tomorrow he will know more as he does sometimes go around with his head up his jacksie!
Public services course.

The weeks residential with the Army is the work experience/look at life bit or whatever they call it now, lots of youngs uns do it, some through schools as well.

Someone currently serving who has the joy of interacting with the kiddy winkles will no doubt fill you in further.
Ah, just got in touch with him - he says it is a military preparation course- I think he thinks it will go on longer than it will (think its only a couple of weeks max)?

He is so scatterbrained he makes the SA-80 seem like the perfect gift for a left hander!
MPTC run all year round. You can attend for a year providing you pass the tests and show a willingness to continue training. Although military orientated, there is no necessity to actually join the forces at the end of it. As it is classed as job training, you are paid at £40 a week. My grandson has been doing it for the last 9 months and hopes to join the Army at the end of this year when he is 17 and a half. They concentrate on fitness, extra curriculum education in maths, English and IT. They give you a mock BARB test every month to try and increase your scores. A bit like Junior Leaders used to be but without the rank structure. On my grandson's course of 12 that started, only 5 came for the second month. I think that is now down to 3 of them but he really enjoys it. I don't think it is military associated but all the instructors are ex-regulars.
Brilliant exbleep - that sounds like it on the nail- he wants to join the REME but is unsure of his grades (he gets them on Thursday) as maths was never his strong suit, his second choice is infantry.

Thanks for all the help peeps!

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