A big thank you to everybody on arrse!

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by conure, Nov 18, 2005.

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  1. I found this site a long time ago now, before I'd even started my application to the Army. As some of you may remember, I wasn't sure of which regiment I wanted to join, or which corps. But I've been given an absolute wealth of advice. I was pretty annoyed when I got rejected from the Army on medical grounds, but with help from the members of this site Via PM and the forums I argued the medical case, and eventually got in!
    I also had a knee problem which the doctor refused to help me treat, because he claimed it was natural. It was this site which told me about glucosamine sulphate (Which I cannot recommend enough) As it has done wonders for my knee!
    Anyway, this is just a thank you for all the experienced advice I have recieved, which the AFCO could only dream of being able to provide for recruits.
    The Army would do well to promote this website to people applying to join, because if it had helped everybody as much as it has helped me, a lot more recruits would know what to expect.
    I start Phase 1 on sunday, and to be honest I'm absolutely bricking it, not least because I hate the cold..Catterick is going to be very, very cold..Especially for a soft civvie like me! I'll let you know how I got on at christmas when I get 2 weeks leave, and I'll come back after I march off the parade square a trained soldier!
    To the site owners, I'll definitely donate some of my wages to the website when I get back at christmas.

    Once again, thanks to everyone thats helped,
    Take care, and all the best!
  2. Good luck mate head down mouth shut ears open and you will be fine.

    Enjoy yourself.
  3. Good luck mate...remember, not everywhere is like Catterick....(and don't nik stuff from the garrison Tescos!)....
  4. Good luck mate, I'll only reitterate whats already been said. Head down, gob shut ears open.
  5. (Shucks, they grow up so fast dont they!)
  6. Well conure....you are welcome i'm sure.

    As it goes, I am a TA recruiter, and I recommend this site to all who come through my department.

    This is a better resource than anything the army, regular or TA, have ever provided.

    It is also quite good for keeping people interested in green 6 days a week when the gates are shut (TA-wise that is).

    Quite apart from being a good place to ask questions (I warn them that they might get highly abused by asking bone questions, but someone will always pop up to give them the info) it also gets them into the spirit of Army life when we cannot provide it 24/7.

    Wish i'd had this place to come to when I joined....i'd be a General by now. :lol:
  7. Hey Conure, Your message is an excellent Advertisement for ARRSE they should use it in a Flyer and send to every Military Unit...

    Remember, you won't be the only soft civvy on Sunday, almost every recruit you start with will be the same no matter how much they will no doubt put up a false front and pretend otherwise! like almost anyone who has ever joined the Army I also felt the same as you as no doubt the majority of ARRSERS will agree, it is usually these pretenders (the ones who make themselves out to be Lean Mean Fighting Machines from Day 1) who usually fall by the way side, I know, I saw 45 of them go for various reasons out of 63 of us who started, almost all 18 who were left after basic thought they were in the 'soft civvy' mode also!!! (this was 20 years ago fella, I've heard things have changed somewhat since, but by and by the actual joining etc. must still be similar). Keep your chin up, do your very best at everything, help your fellow recruits as much as you can without compromising your own tasks etc. and don't ask questions (especially stupid ones!) or gob off whatsoever to any of your instructors! and be as much the 'grey man' as possible and keep your sense of humour at all times! you've already shown a lot of guts and determination by doing what you have done to get to Sunday! and with injuries you have gotten over! that in itself should tell you that you shouldn't have any problems...

    Oh! and one last thing, whatever you do, DO NOT donate ANY of your wages to the ARRSE MODS! most of it will probably go to the instructors in the first few weeks for things like compulsory track suits/sweatshirts/T-Shirts and Ties, the ARRSE MODERATORS are Rich enough without needing the meagre wages of a recruit weighing their already too heavy pockets down!

    Let us know how you get on... and always remember "Everyone on Sunday is in the same boat as you, you are not on your own!"

    Good Luck Fella...
  8. Good luck Conure.

    Keep us updated on your progress and so we can laugh at all of the hardships you are going through. Remember most of us have been there at some time or other and will probably be able to top any tales and experiences you may encounter.

    Good advice on this and other threads and if you stick to it you should be fine.
  9. Good effort mate, we've already chatted about what you need to do ... heed all advice from the people on here mate.

    its from experience and you cant buy that .... good luck fella.
  10. Good luck mate, make sure you come back and let us know how you've been getting on. Wish i'd had this site before i joined up, infact, wish i'd know about it after the med discharge as its been a great means of help and support durring the darker times of civ div.

    Whilst we're on the subject, a massive thankyou to the creaters and mods of the site, you've helped so much, I hope a few of you will be down in london on the 3rd, because I owe quite a few of you a beer or two for the moral support and advice you've given
  11. Well done and good luck from a Soft Civvy. Good that you came back to say 'thanks'
  12. All the Best Conure,just remember you won't be a soft civvy for long!!!
  13. And some say there is no good news...... good luck.
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