A big thank you to all arrsers

Well, I've got there at last. Retiring today as term ends. No more school for this very soon to be ex-teacher.

I'd like to offer my thanks to so many on this website.

In trying to get a CCF Army Section going in our school I found this site full of invaluable advice. There have been so many well deserved complaints about cadets and their instructors (I won't call them officers for fear of starting a well-known thread all over again), that I was able to do my best to ensure that all acted in ways far less likely to displease any of you. You were a great help to me.

Some of the cadets have gone on to join the real army, and a couple have served in that hot and sandy place whose name begins with an "A". One is a medic, and I hope none of you ever have cause to meet him in his professional capacity.

While the vast majority of the cadets never sign up, they all leave with a very positive view of the armed services, as do all their extended families. You may not have gained a lot of extra troops from us, but you have gained a heck of a lot of supporters.

I'd also like to thank others who have given me advice and help on such things as trajectory of artillery shells to help me improve A-Level Physics teaching. Their help has been valuable, and will continue to bear fruit as my colleagues continue to use the teaching materials I have been able to produce.

Keep up the good work!

Best wishes to all




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Good luck in retirement, Adrian. You've earned it!
Nice to read your thread Adrian.

When we still have decent people looking after our kids and instilling a set of morals and values, they might still come out thick but at least they're thick and decent!!

Seriuiosly, enjoy retirement and kids ALWAYs remember the decent ones, I'm sure you'll still be following their progress in years to come courtesy of FaceBook!!

As for trajectory of artillery shells, don't forget Yank ones always fall short......:)
Thank you all. Last lesson just finished.....


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I dare you to find that cheeky swine you have been dying to slap for years and do it - go on - the devil in ear is whispering to you!!!

Seriously though - well done and good luck.

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