A big thank-you from George?

With Wolfowitz having stepped down as president of the Wold Bank following allegations of sleaze, our dearly beloved, soon to be former, glorious leader is being considered for the top spot.

Is this a case of poacher turned gamekeeper, or is it just a big thank-you from George W. for all the support received in the campaign for a righteous America (aka the War on Terror)?

'PB' dont get me all cross before the weekend with thoughts about our dear leaders next vomit induceing turn in the public trough i have been slowly getting used too the thought of Bliar being off the box and off to America for his Snake Oil Showmans Tour.

The world bank need phoney tony like we need GWB to become Chancellor of the Exchequer.....
And what use would Tony Blair be in an obscene, corrupt, self-serving institution that pretends to be concerned with poverty, giving money away with one hand and taking twice as much back with the other?

How could a statesman of Tony Blair's standing possibly fit into a bent, money grubbing, capitalist entity that's dishonest to the core and does absolutely nothing to promote the interests of the poor?

Very well indeed. And perhaps he could wangle an opening for Cherie. The World Bank could tap into that sharp legal brain - but hopefully not with the meter running.

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