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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Gooner1988, Sep 19, 2009.

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  1. I've always flirted with the idea of joining the forces. Mainly down to the family influence on my mums side. My grandad was a Para and both my uncles were in the Royal Anglians (The Pompadours). So the influence has always been there.

    I'm 20 years old, 21 in December. I never wanted to join so young, and miss out on certain things in life. I've had my fun, now's time to sort shit out! I'm thinking about enquiring this time next year. My dilemma is, should I go for Infantry or Royal Engineers? Obviously this is a question ultimately only I can answer for myself.

    I want to join infantry so I can get involved in some action, only problem is doesn't the infantry leave you a bit fucked for a career choice when you leave? On the other hand, I could learn a decent trade in the Engineers. How good a qualification can I get from them though?
  2. It's never too early to go see your local careers office. I went into the office in my first year at University and I graduated this year and I'm now in the process of applying and selection etc. The eighteen months or so after I first went in gave me time to really think about what I wanted from my career - and also what the Army want from me. Even if you aren't going to apply until next year you can go get all the information you might want or need and use that over the next year to make a well thought out, well informed decision.
  3. All I can say is I'm not (planning on) joining the Infantry for future career possibilities. I'm joining the Infantry to be in the Infantry.

    I'll worry about future prospects when that time comes around.
  4. I have thought about it. Thought they might think i'm wasting their time seeing as i'm looking to get the wheels in motion in a years time! But now you say that, i'm sure they won't see it like that at all.

    Another question, if anyone knows, I live in Cornwall. Every June/August the Coldstream Guards advertise round my way. Only thing is, if I went infantry, I wouldn't mind joining the Royal Anglians (im from Hertfordshire originally!). But I doubt this would be possible if i'm going to a South West recruiting office? It's not the end of the world, but just wondering.
  5. Don't go para and think you can come out a librarian. Trust me.
  6. Actually I was thinking more working for Green Peace when I get out
  7. I believe you can request to join whatever regiment you like.
  8. Sweet. I'm best off going to a Careers Office, so I can waste their time as well as all yours!

    What regiment you trying for AJ?
  9. I'm applying for the RE, if it's both green and trade you want to do then its a good choice. Ofcourse if you want, you can get a trade such as chippie and then volunteer for para/commando engineer regiments. I was told at the AFCO that you do a tour with 24 commando eng (for example) then the next year you may be posted to another eng regiment to maybe do your trade or combat engineering - then posted back to 24 commando reg when they require you, so it's a good mix. Qualifications can range from NVQs, HNDs, Degrees etc.

    Good luck for whatever you decide.
  10. Just so you know, you can join most infantry regiments if not all (remeber seeing somewhere that you needed Scottish or Irish origins for Royal Scots/Irish but dont take my word for it) and most have had to settle for different regiments than their local one, due to everyone joining up because of the recession etc.

    Best of getting in now, I went into sign my mate up a few weeks back, he wont be able to get into basic till after next April due to the rest of the year pretty much full up, there may be a few slots for infantry still, I cannot know for sure though.
  11. you can join what ever regiment you want wether it be the royal scots/irish. i know this cos i know people from down south in them regiments and im living in hertfordshire but originally from cambridgeshire and had the choice of joining either the poachers or vikings (the royal anglians) because of living in both regions at some point.
  12. The Rifles, I think. I might go for the Paras as well, depends how my fitness is when the time comes.
  13. If you want green then go infantry. As said above by somebody else im not joining the army for what i can do when i leave. At this point my plan is to go through the full career, but things can change.
  14. I really am torn still. But have a lot of time to think about it. Just saw a section on the Army website regarding Royal Engineers. I didn't realise they train heating and plumbing, bricklaying etc. Surely it's next to impossible to be able to get a place on one of these though. Bollocks.
  15. when your in the infantry you could get further education which will help you if you left your career