A big brother compromise

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by army_of_1, Sep 1, 2005.

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  1. No, stick all BB threads in the hole

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  2. Yes it is very intersting blah blah blah...

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  1. Fantastic news. Apparently she has been quoted as saying she is too famous to work as a nurse. Shoot the bitch I say. No I don't watch Big Brother, I just can't stand stupid people.

    BBC story
  2. She should be used to evictions by now.
  3. Rod924

    Rod924 LE Reviewer

    Please can her nipples be allowed to stay? :D
  4. Those tits were down by her knees. Besides, I hope she gets f*cked off back to Zimbabwe. Saggy titted jackson 5 afro attention seeking f*ckwit cow.

    She apparantly went on the show so that she can help her mother get money for an operation.........yeah, sure.

    Pack yer bags fuzzy.
  5. Send the harlot back. Self-centred megaslut. And while we're on the subject of sh1te, for God's sake get these 'reality' shows off
    the bloody telly. I'm sick of having to avoid them and the meaningless claptrap workmates and the newspapers spout off about
    how good they are!!
  6. Unfortunately, the world is composed mainly of idiots. Such programmes exist to entertain them. Short of a cull, I can't see an adequate solution to the problem.

  7. I was quite happy with them from the newspaper piccies, although I'm not usually a tit man. I'd have 'gloved up' to rut her though, hope that little gay-icon geordie fella has been down the clinic since the show ended.
  8. Now that's one reality show I'd actually tune into........ :?

  9. Ooh, they could do a celebrity version too...
  10. GOOD!!!
  11. Your tarrets (spelling(?)) playing up again?

    As for makosi. . . . . GOOD!
  12. No its f*cking not ya fat f*cking cow, tits, wank soap, doing Dale up the shitter, c*nt.

    Why do you ask?
  13. Fair one, she came in on a work visa and she broke its terms by not working as a nurse for a long time and also recieveing income from doing work other than cardiac nursing. If she wants to stay, surely her "people" PR and PAs and agents can put the right paper work in for her? Or is it a case of once you are famous that you are above the rules everyone else has to live by? Of course there are all the other issues, Zimbabwe is a mess etc! But look at what happens to Brit citizens over seas, you over stay or break the terms of your visa, eg working on a student or non work visa, and then you are in a world of hurt and they throw you out quick smart.
  14. Get rid of the behatch!
  15. Now that the chav highlight of the viewing year has hit the screens again and most probably all the newspapers I will be going into hibernation until it finishes, though if there is some lady loving on it can someone wake me up please.


    Jack Daniels
    Cave Number 2
    Aldershot Training Area