A better word for Vajazzling for pubic bling?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by tripster, Feb 28, 2011.

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  1. A chap could end up with bling-sting if not careful during the act. Them crystals can hurt I bet.

    Anyway, how about F-art!
  2. Be careful when banging essex girls then lads, or you could end up with a bad case of glitter balls
  3. I can just about cope with gagging on stray pubes, but the potential choking hazard on those is massive.

    Do we have to do a risk assessment before any slobbery cunnilingus??
  4. My favourite word would be 'sad' closely followed by the phrase 'more fucking money than sense'!
    My idea of vajazzling is changing my grots twice a week!
  5. Must take a special kind of fuckwit to get that done to their clout.
  6. Beaver Baubles

    Twat Trinkets

    Either way, a stupid idea only embraced by fucking idots.
  7. I've no idea what the linik shows, as I'm guessing that I shouldn't be opening that at work??
  8. What is it with birds these days...killing themselves for a big arse and supergluing rhinestones to their box? It'll be zip-up clouts and velcroed arseholes next.
  9. snatchglassing.....or gashglitter?
  10. Trip,you were looking for what when you found this?
  11. How about "Waste of time"?
  12. And there was me thinking you weren't bothered about such minor inconsequential things like that ;)
  13. well.........it all depends......there's only so much I can bluff.