A bergan full of jobbies

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by gobbyidiot, Feb 25, 2009.

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  1. Do they still tell people on small patrols to collect their shit in clingfilm to avoid "leaving sign"? I mean, what a load of shit :D

    i) Any dog is going to find a load of it up in the air a damn sight easier to track than buried, and buried tells them where you were, not where you are.

    ii) My pal was relating an attempt to make the cling film thing work lying on his side with a stomach upset. Not hygienic (although funny for the uninvolved). Whatever theoretical advantage there might be is surely outweighed by the health implications.

    It's just occurred to me - is the whole "collect your doings" a massive wind-up?
  2. Well to be fair, the only people that are likely to use the method sh*t golden eggs anyway.. you wouldn't want to bury them now, would you?!
  3. I used to seperate my "little ones" into centimetre squares, stick my hand out the OP, roll them in morning dew and swallow whole with a thumb spread of cheese possessed, less stuff to hump about but didnt do much for my breath ! :p
  4. During arctic warfare training 2 of my oppos were on the admin team and had to collect the jobbie bags from the troop harbour area.

    One on top of the BV 202 pulling up the other below lifting/pushing.

    The tried and tested method worked fine for years until one day Danny was in the pushing up position when the troop jobby bag dragged over a hook on the ski rack and emptied itself............all over Danny!

    I still smile to this day.
  6. Sometimes i needed a flask not clingfilm.
  7. Yes pepole still do. you have to put the cling film over a mess tin ( not your own never shit in your own mess tin!) wrap it up and stick it in the gash bag. who ever pissed you off the most carries the bag back.