A belated Remembrance Day comment

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jumpinjarhead, Nov 18, 2011.

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  1. To all my ARRSE friends (and those few detractors), I offer my belated but sincere condolences and respects on the occasion of your Remembrance Day. I regret to say that at least from my perspective last week on our Veterans Day (November 11 as well) I was quite underwhelmed by the degree to which my countrymen even knew of the event much less recognized it in any appropriate way.
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  2. Glad to see,you're still contributing JJH.

    Your input is sorely missed,how are things coming along?
  3. Jar, the poor response is not confined to the US. As referred to previously, when I asked for volunteers from Regular officers at my police station, to march on the parade, precisely ZERO officers offered their services. I somehow think if the same thing had happened in the US, the volunteers would have been queueing out of the door!!
  4. I would think so if you are referring to most of our police but regrettably our "people" in general seem not to give a fig anymore and are much more interested in the newest electronic gizmo or who is "dancing with the stars."
  5. Thanks for that RR. I will try to do better after my inexcusable lapse. ;-)
  6. Good to see you're still amongst the breathing JJ!.....Although, it has been noted that you are, sadly, still a Septic! :razz:
  7. It seems to be only those who have served, who give a damn about it from what I have seen.
    On the other side of the coin, I did not give a damn about the Hippies being evicted from Wall Street either!

    P.S. Hope all is good with JJH and his kin. An early Happy Thanksgiving to you!
  8. MP which force are you ? I have to say I have noticed that very few police officers seem to participate on Remembrance Sunday.
    Usually a wreath layer and thats it.
  9. Just a guess but one has to wonder if the change (not in name only) from "force" to "service" has something to do with this.
  10. The Police never could march properly in a parade anyway, so they may be concerned that they look "bimbling" if they do go on a parade.

    (Yes Officer, I have NO outstanding parking tickets.)
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