A bearskin with sore head loses his cool with joker tourist


A guard outside St James's Palace attacked a tourist who was copying his distinctive marching actions, it was revealed today.

The Queen's Guardsman, who is supposed never to leave his post unless there is a threat to a member of the royal family, was provoked into lunging at tourist Nick Ibarra, clipping him around the head and aiming a kick at him.

It is understood the guard now faces the prospect of a dressing down from his superiors.

And what about the hooligan? He should be jailed and deported.
The police should detain such a 'jokers' and teach them good manners.


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Oi, thick tw@t. There is a search facility. Use it!
BambiBasher said:
Russians always lag behind the developed West.

Ohh... yes.

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