A Beagle Basset?

Did I really just see one of these fly over in Derbyshire or have I lost the plot?

Are they still in service?
It's just gone over again. Got a better look this time. Wasn't a Basset!

Must have been this:

King Air B200

That looks like the plane that would regularly fly along side the M5 early evening past Taunton going southwest towards Exeter. Always flew pretty low.
meridian said:
I think the RN and RAF have them

Replacing the Jetstreams and HS125's I think (might be worng on that last one)


Plus of course the Shadow R1 which is also based on the King Air 350

The RAF have them, there was a few at RAF Cranwell about 2 years ago when I stayed on base, might have just been passing through though, but the Air Cadets on camp had a go on them :D
A few years ago there was a Basset on the private register. I think it was based at Compton Abbas. Both unverified.

3 weeks ago King Air type thing doing some fairly exotic things around Cranwell and 1 in the radar pattern at DSA (formerly Finningley), onto the ILS behind go around. IRT work?
There was a Basset parked at Avionicare, and avionics firm at Southend airport in the Summer. It did not look entirely decrepit. Also I seem to recall that the one that Prince Charles did his multi traning in was up for sale a few months back.

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