A barefaced appeal for spare kit for Army Cadets.

Ladies and Gentlemen of ARRSE.

I am appealing for donations of any spare kit that may be of use to my Army Cadet Force Detachment.

As you may know, Army Cadets are issued a very basic scale of clothing. They do not get boots (these have to be purchased by the individual), gloves, socks or (in many cases) fleeces.

As regards equipment, each unit (in my local area) is issued 10 sets of OG PLCE complete with bergen. However, in a unit of 40 or so cadets, this doesn't go very far so we make it up with old '58 Pattern CEMO. All the '58 Pattern has now been written off and cannot be replaced through the system and this is now getting close to becoming beyond its useful life.

We are also a Corps of Drums and wear No.1 Dress for ceremonial occasions, although all of this has to be begged, stolen or borrowed.

We do not receive any funding in the form of money to buy extra equipment or uniform.

If any of you have anything that you would like to donate to my cadets, please send me a PM. Absolutely anything is welcome, if you can give us one webbing pouch, it would be most appreciated.

Basically, if we can't use it, we will offer it to neighbouring units or sell it to raise funds to buy more equipment.

I thank you for reading.
I must put on record my gratitude to whoever it was that sent a big parcel of kit to my detachment from Buller Barracks. Whoever you are, you neglected to put a note inside identifying yourself.

Regardless of this, the vast majority of it will be of great use to my cadets, especially those who will be undertaking rather more advanced activities on Annual Camp.

Once again, I thank you :)
And replied, many thanks :)
A huge vote of thanks goes to Outdoorsman who sent my unit a big box full of uniform and kit.

It really is very much appreciated and will all be put to good use. :)
PM inbound ;)
Sorry to hijack a thread, but could I possibly cadge on the back of that? or Flash - if you have surplus, can we strike a deal?

lucky you, we havnt even got plce yet, still on old 58, we did win a war with the stuff so i say its okay, as long as someone maintains it.
Got a set of PWRR 2's complete with peaked cap if that would be any use? you pay postage and I'd be happy to send!
Can I tag onto Flashmans appeal for the same for my detachment? I know it is a bit cheeky but it would be appreciated. Many thanks in advance.

The Teacher
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