A ban of G Strings??

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by FunkyNewBlood, Jun 2, 2005.

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  1. NNOOOOOOO...........

    No, its the cheese spread that causes the chaffing.

    How many over 50 wear them? Now thats sexy..... :twisted:

  2. Ha, doesn't say anything about G-strings being bad for a blokes health. IdleAdjt- breathing a huge sigh of relief.
  3. RTFQ


    Right, I've been biding my time, watching those Serial Invaders and genocidal maniacs rise out of the ashes because of US money and UK investment. I've watched them once again increase their grip on Europe, pushing their own twisted agenda, once again. I let it slide, let bygones be bygones, they're a different generation, lets all be friends.

    But THIS is taking it too far. It's time to take action when some boxhead Mengele type tells our women that thongs are bad for them. Let's do the whole village, who's on Spearhead at the moment? Lets march into Berlin and shove a big pair of apple catchers into the mouths of these doctors.

  4. YEAH .... try walking normally then boxhead .... you'll find the chaffing considerably reduced if you dont goose step through poland you filthy hun

    hand off our skimpy's.....
  5. You're a braver man than I IdleAdjt, breathing a sigh of relief wearing a cheese wire, the relaxing motion could split your cheeks...literally. Then you'd be a split arrse. :lol:
  6. i never had a problem with my thongs, but the ones i saw mdn wearing looked far too tight for him.....
    could see his mangina in all its ickle glory!
  7. Men wearing thongs is just wrong,

    Just think about how they ride up, and then when you look from the front it would be like spaniels ears!!

    I am off to scrub myself with costic soda for even having that image pop into my head!!
  8. No g-bangers?? *sobs hysterically* I can't go commando 365 days a year! A girl needs something else there sometimes :lol:
  9. I'll stand in for your g string 8)
  10. G-strings are my personal bete noire. Ok ladies, if you're an 18 year old size 10 or a total gym bunny and you have gravity defying pushin-cushins between which you can remove crown bottle tops, then thongs are fine. But if you do not fit this description (come on, be honest with yourselves) then a proper pair of old fashioned, full-back tummy warmers are the thing.
    No man wants to see your flabby, spotty, bi-furcated ar*e hanging down below the hem of your skirt. Lets face it, proper restraint will do for your harris what a wonder-bra does for your top-bollo*ks.
  11. Thus spake the Viz fashion correspondent.
  12. Play havock with your nobby stiles's though!

  13. Glad to know that i almost fit the bill for this. does 20 and perfect size ten count? I ruddy hope so!
  14. My kind of Girl!!! :D
  15. you going to salisbury bash? :wink: