A Bally Disgrace

Just seen the latest issue of soldier mag and was shocked and mortified to see the Guardsman on the front cover had forgotten to shave. Had to have a couple of gins at breakfast just to steady my nerves. Though it was a phot of Bob Geldof in uniform.

Please can someone from the Mick Guards let me know that the particular scruffy soldier is now being royally fisted by all SNCOs and the Adjt is, as we speak, arranging a postng to the Falkland Islands.
Ah, standards. They used to be the banners we rallied around and the foundations of our little world. Now they seem to have just fallen by the wayside. And the Guards too.... who would have thought it?
His fringe is outrageous too, and he's grown golden bu.gger grips. His knife is well over the regulation 3 inches - where's the RAF police when you need them?
Was the RSM and his merry band of CSMs and Drill Sgts so busy they did not notice? Or is there some bizarre Euro human rights law allowing them to be unshaven? "its not like it was in the old days" was said to me a long time ago... i imagine some Guards Legends are spinning in their graves...
Hey, I thought this was something only us "spams" could do??? What gives???
He's probably got some facial hair problem. In which case he should've been streamed in to the RPC. Either that or he's done his AP course. Are beards permitted for Guards pioneers? I think not. Maybe he's going for the Inkerman look? Human rights... waaaaah.
just had a look at the cover and it does indeed appear as if brian blessed has joined up.i wonder if his laugh is as raucous,although i'll bet he's not laughing now.
And to make it worse hes Ginger !!

The shabby tick tock stand closer to the razor next time wooden top cnut....PUT HIM AWAY !!
If you look inside, the picture that quite clearly shows Grenedier Guards is quoted as being Irish Guards.

Pedantic, I know, but surely our 'house' mag should be able to get the basics right.
Little scrote's bayonet is in sh1t order and he looks half asleep. No wonder he didn't have time to shave. Probably spent all night supplementing his income at Picadilly Circus. LOCK HIM AWAY!!

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