A bad link..no, no ,no, no its just not right.

Oxfam or Marie Curie by the look of 'it'.
ctauch said:
8O I'm at a loss for words
If you didn't want us finding out you shouldn't haveposed for those piccies Mate. :wink:
Even disco Lairdx is fcuking nails.
Ummm....I guess all I can say is 'thanks Beebs'! :D

Possibly the very best there is in replica female nipples.

These are truly, true to life with their look and feel, using our exclusive pure siloxane high grade silicone.

Can be worn with any silicone breasts or by themselves directly on top of your nipple.

True To Life natural nipples, nipple pertness measures 10mm (Millimeters)

(Only Available in Large & Dark Mocha.)
Well, if they're only available in such dismal hues, I shall have to forgo the pleasure of owning a set. It's a shame, because the advertised 'nipple pertness' is what originally caught my eye...ahem ahem.
Darth_Doctrinus said:
There is plenty of more that sort of stuff here if cross-dressing men in uniforms is your bag.

There is even a gallery of what can only be described as hideous monstrosities.
It worries me that you done so much research into this subject Darth. 8O
DD - you've clearly never been on the pi$$ with me then. What are you up to this weekend - I'm in town to give a presentation to some worthies - easily fit in a spot of 'arrsing'? :D

Meanwhile, here are some more...

cant see what all the fuss is about myself.
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