A & B Troop 244 Sig Sqn @ RAF Brize Norton

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Red-On, Sep 18, 2003.

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  1. Any old stallwarts from the above still in? remebering the days of tieing crows up and swinging them from the gantry in good old hanger 66!! or nicking the RAF Regiments prized signs!!

    must be getting old reminicing like this...fetch me my walking cane and slippers...

    Jabber the HUTT - wot an arrse!
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  3. never mind jabber................alpha troop walking around with all their snow boots on..............while BONGO was busy polishing mast boxes or out tabbing with the mad major.................BIG ARRSE.........by the time we got back to the gate I was hanging our my big fat ARRSE ! oh but happy days............
  4. Harrasing TCW lads in the crew room, or in elsie tanners case dropping body parts in their cups of milk! those were the days, after the move to colerne things went down hill rapidly (or so I hear)

    what was the "Alpha" thing? get some snow under your boots...??
  5. Here I was one of those Alpha Troopers mincing about in my Boots Ski March with the white socks showing while wearing my norgie shirt and jersey under my smock. Me and me old mate Geordie and Trouty and Biddy regularly had a laugh at Bongo Troop 'cause while we were off swanning around Europe's flanks you lot were getting fucked about. Anyone remember the Mad Major had an eye patch sown into his beret so he could keep "night vision in one eye". Never sure he was serious about that. He did turn up in Norway while we were on AWT and living under tent sheets, with the Troop OC making him carry a bergen full of beer.
  6. Nine year old post! Wouldn't worry about that, I'm the one who moved them from Odiham to Upavon and we weren't even called D Tp then. Plus that was my second tour with 244:the first being at Benson back in the very early '70's. By Trouty I assume that would be Les? I did hear someone mention his name the other day, possible re a Apprentice reunion, that being Les was one?
    I do remember an exercise in BAOR (Flying F'up?) where we collected new loan trucks from Ruddington and had to put the Red Hand on them and then cover it in masking tape & matt green paint. Needless to say they just had masking tape on the doors!! Not that it mattered as the clutch went in every one of them, and Smith had to change them all in the mud flats in the middle of Sennelager: on endex they shipped the lot off to NI, another fine BL product.
    Can't remember who the OC was at the time. Happy days,
  7. You wouldn't happen to be a mad jock from Dumfries with the initials JA would you......?
  8. Not me my ole son; I'm a Brummie and initials are RL. I didn't spend any time in Brize being shipped out to Odiham the day I arrived. I think Jeff Allan was the OC when I got there, a good bloke and sadly long gone
  9. I had a fantastic almost 5 years at BZN my first posting from AAC Harrogate - was sent to E Troop with all the para trained boys! Loved the unit and spent many many nights and daze in the WAAF block/Spotlight Club/Osprey Pub. E Tp was full of mad and hard guys all ex BAOR lads big drinkers fighters and hard grafters! 4 of us joined on the same day from AAC 2 twins, one of my mates from my home town who sadly died in the FI war in 82 (RIP RB) and myself. I was the only one to go to E Tp the other went to A Tp. We had some fearsome guys - big Andy W, Jimmy S, Davie D, Maggot, Jim W, Big Bird, Joe O, Taff (my 1st det comd who has since sadly died) but to "name" a few!!
  10. E Tp were TA when I was in 244. Maindy Bks, Cardiff. I don't think they had any regulars at all, not even a PSI Sgt.
  12. hi scallywag, Jeff allen was the best OC i had in the army even though he gave me 14 days for getting pissed on a herc, so sad to hear he is gone, going to a 244 reunion at york 13th june, looking forward. They were the best days of my army career as the lads came along side of the hercs as we got back from belize and threw all the duty free in to a trailer before going through the customs in the hanger, wrote a book called flashbacks, which includes 244 MK
  13. What about C troop (REBRO)? Any body remember them and remember when the mad maj cancelled the troop Christmas do's?