Discussion in 'REME' started by elnoddo, Jul 1, 2007.

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  1. Ive just been reading this board and a lot of the A B mech crap is really making me laugh.

    Mostly all the banging on about how A mechs fix B veh's too. I find this quite smallminded as people seem to be implying that B veh means Rover, 4T, foden poss TM.

    Wake up and smell the coffee A mechs, we do also deal with ever increasing technical bits of kit which incorporate mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic, electrical and electronic systems.

    Another point being you dont have to be an A mech to sort out C vehicles, if this has changed recently i would love to know.

    I appreciate i'm gonna get loads of squat to piss comments, but if you do feel this way inclined why dont you better employ your time with a bit of trackbashing or perhaps change a pack?

    However dont ask me to look at any electronics as i wont have a scoobydoo.
  2. Not at all El its only banter and in the climate now a days it doesnt matter what trade you are you can be posted to work on A,B or C vehicles. Ive done all three with Armd Inf, Artillary, Engineers, RLC etc and after starting off as a B mech saw the light and chose to work on Armd after about five years, then also have had over five years as a C mech.

    On a more serious note though A Mech work isnt just pack in pack out and I would say that you do more fault finding as a A mech rather than B mech especially on the prairie/ Poland. Ive met about the same ammount of good A mech's and b mechs all individual personnalities. I have noticed more recently after working with B mechs that there doesnt seem as much urgency and hands you get with a first line Warrior fitter section with B vehicles, when I was a young lad if a CR2/Warrior/CVRT/43* went down you would instantly have a crew working on it until t was finished, it might be society today but it doesnt seem a priority anymore.

    I would also say that if my memory serves me right a A mech does everything a b mech does then extra on the course so surely training wise they are more qualified.

    ps I could tell you were a B mech from your AVATOR :wink: see not a squat to p*ss reference at all mate.

    Go and play with your nice clean engines and tyres now :D
  3. A couple of good points mate and I appreciate the banter aspect. It was more the advice being given to people considering joining up that i had an issue with.

    As far as your point on training go's A mechs do a couple of bolt on equipment courses, what civilian quals do these gain them?

    If your considering joining up and want to spend longer than you have to in Boredom, then spend most of your life sat in a tincan stinking of farts on some godforsaken part of Poland crack on.

    If you want a better choice of postings with many different Regts Corps then go B, you even get to have a nice rest while you pee.

    Funnily enough i was originally a U mech.
  4. I dont really think it matters if your an A mech or B mech regarding postings.
    I did 7 years originally as a B mech (worked on A vehicles for five of them)

    Then went A mech

    Since then Ive done
    five years on C mech kit
    four years on A mech kit
    two years on B mech kit

    I was outed as an ex B mech by my good friend TWOSUP a while back so cant slag B mech squtters down too much now.

    My main point here since becoming an A mech ive been posted with RE, RA, Armd infantry, RLC so dont think it matters to MCM div :?
  5. Well im actually gonna accept your point Iron as ive known quite a few A mechs in B postings.

    Christ this must be a first on arrse a thread without an argument.
  6. Fcuk off squatter go and play with your toffee hammer :wink:

    Sure there will be some hard liner A and B mechs in next week to start the arguements :D
  7. As far as your point on training go's A mechs do a couple of bolt on equipment courses, what civilian quals do these gain them?

    its quite easy to relate "a" vehicles to plant in civy street,after all a tank is a piece of plant with the same engineering processes used in both civy and military vehicles.
  8. Yeah but im not gonna be around to enjoy it, im off to fiddle with wheelnuts on salisbury plain for a fortnight.
  9. As a B Mech in the 50s, 60s and 70s I actually worked on A,B and C vehicles. Nothing changes does it. As to crew assistance I was with a FRT in 9 Inf Wksps supporting 14th/20th Hussars in Libya and no sooner had a Centurion dies than the crew were "utilised" by the regiment and we were on our own. The system used on engine changes then took 24 hoyurs from start to finish and was alweays done in one go. I found that thye nskills needed were remarkably similar and never felt better , or worse, than an A mech. I just preferred working on B Vehicles and loved being attached to the RA.
  10. What like cranes Jcb, volvo, rtch, chrt, entwhistle, eagerbeaver etc?

    Edited to add- The point im trying to make is I dont believe it matters if your A or B as long as you have a sound knowledge of working with Mechanical/pneumatic/hydraulic/electrical systems and are therefore going to be able to apply that knowledge to whatever bit of kit you work on.

    I think the ability to adapt is more important in the job than having worked on the same bit of kit over and over.
  11. exactly mate,as long as you,ve got experience on the principles of mechanics your nearly there,but you get to work on a bigger pool of vehicles as an "a" mech,unless things have changed drasticallyby the way are they still persisting with the vm u concept anymore?
  12. No mate I did a VMU basic course at the beginning of 96, it was sacked shortly after and guys either became A or B depending on what their first posting was.

    As far as the bigger pool goes im not sure I agree as there is so much kit out there to choose from. As in specialist lifting gear by way of example-

  13. What happened to the SISU Rough terrain handler then (iso container handler :? Did the course on that at Marchwood(as an A mech) for Bosnia, Ive never seen one since, is this its replacement then :? .
  14. i never worked on a crane before i left for civy street,sorry i remember doing an oil change on a coles husky while i was at atdu.i bet they,re museum pieces now!
  15. Dunno mate but these are in use in Bastion and are looked after by the lads in the heavyline fitter section. Dont worry though when we go out in sep we do have one A mech to square us away.

    Again couldnt tell you ive only touched coles/groves mk3 and that was a few years ago. I think i saw one in Bordon recently.