A Airborne Aircraft Carrier

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by NEO_CON, Sep 12, 2006.

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  1. Is this for real ?

  2. Maybe there is a need for the Airbus A380 after all.
  3. Was tried in the 30s with US 'Zepplins' and technology of the time.
    The fighter will be expected to land back on ! ?
  4. One of which is the USS Macon mentioned about halfway down the page on the original posts link. The fighters were deployed and recovered via a "trapeze" mechanism. National Geographic did a good article on the Macon (which went down in a storm over the sea) that included photos of Sparrowhawk fighters like the one shown with NO undercarriage whatsoever. I've googled but cant find any images of this.

  5. There was also the USS Akron.

    Imagine if somthing was built like that now, We would have F-14s, F-15s taking off from them.
  6. What a fcuking numpty Col George D.Kramlinger is. I bet they rue the day he showed up at Maxwell. (Or the day they commissioned him for that matter.)

    1. What's going to protect the "carrier"?

    2. Has he even considered the drag penalty of slapping other aircraft to the top/bottom of a 747? The NASA 747 has to land and refuel every 1000 or or so miles when it's carryingly the Space Shuttle, IIRC and it can't get above 250kts.

    3. I know that there are some pretty stupid bowser mongs and armourers out there, but where does he plan on finding a bunch stupid enough to volunteer to go wing walking on a 747 for hours at a time, in -50 Degrees Celsius temperatures, at 25-30,000ft, in a 250kt wind to refuel and bomb-up the aircraft?

    Mind you, I think there's a bloke called Jeff Tracy who is setting up some sort of International Rescue organisation on an island somewhere who's in need of some over-engineered and pointlessly elaborate flying contraptions. He might find a job there.

    He is right about one thing though- the B2 is a white elephant that isn't worth the money that has been chucked at it. However, coming up with such a ludicrous proposal in order to offer force protection for it is just throwing good money after bad.

  7. Crabtastic, what is a rotary launcher?
  8. A Piece of kit that hides in the bomb bay from which you can hang multiple weapons. It's a little bit like a revolver in principle- you drop one bomb/fire one missile and the launcher turns to ready the next one.