A air rifle for shooting vermin & the odd target


Dear Arrse shooting experts.....

Can anyone recommend a air rifle (sub £300 - £350) to shoot vermin, bunnies and the occasional paper target?


You should find some answers in the Shooting Sports forum on ARRSE CLICKY
I can do you a nice Gamo .22 for £130, will knock down bunnies, is accurate and a nice piece of kit......just under FAC poundage so hits quite well....
send a PM to "flutedbarrel" that his main past-time.


Taffnp said:

Heres one I shot earlier this morning

Thanks for the info everyone :) My local shop is doing a BSA Lightning XL with the wooden stock and a decent scope for £250 I think I will go for that :)

Thanks again for all the tips .... didn't quite trust the googled web reviews :)

that sounds pretty good - you need to look on youtube then and find how to modify the silencer to make it quieter


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BSA Meteor with a Hawke 3-9x40 does it for me. Excellent for pigeons, rats and close-in bunnies. But what I suggest is to get down to your local shop and see what they have in second-hand department. Also, ask for a package; ie rifle, scope, slip and some pellets. You'll usually get a discount on the whole lot if you're a first-time buyer.

I would suggest you get a spring one first. Then if you're getting serious you can upgrade later to compressed air, CO2 cartridges etc.


For 300-350 you would be best off looking for something like a Weirauch or Air Arms. With a decent set of optics you would be able to pick up something mint secondhand with reasonable glass for that budget with change to spare.

My choice would be if I were in your shoes


Look at sites like airgunbbs, shootforum, airgunforum, pigeonwatch ect

I picked up a Mint HW97K with Simmons WTC (OK ish glass) for £250

If you want any help PM me mate.
told you BiGbAddAbOOm


Weirauch all the way, can feel like a cannon weightwise but lovely guns, as all the rabbits and pidgeons(dead)in my area will testify!

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