a acceptable 3 mile run time ?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by corbuk, Oct 14, 2008.

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  1. the reason I ask is because my last two 3 mile run's I've got 22:57 and 23:07 wich I think is still pretty good but it puts me down when I don't beat my best time wich is 22:37 , but I can't expect to beat my time every run ino.also I think I've been running too fast at the start wich might of led to these times so I will go slower at start and see what happens.

    Also it can't be my fittnsss getting worse because 3 day before the 3 mile run I done a 4.5 mile run and got 36:31 ..wich I beat my time by 2 secs(and I was fast jogging on this one ....and not running to death on my old record one)

    So I'm just wondering what is a acceptable 3 mile run for infrantry and also do they build you up in training to run that distance any way ...and when do you do a 3 mile +run in basic, eg what week etc?

    I would of thought you would be ok with a 10 min mile pace ,anyway thanks in advance.
  2. Its not bad. Get it under 22.
  3. Get it under 21 :)
  4. Those times for para arnt they ? Not infrantry ?

    I don't think I would be able to get under 22mins tbh
  5. Sorry I should have been clearer. You will have to do a 1 1/2 mile run, not inf, so cant remember timings etc. Less than 10.30 for the RE. Going off your timings you should be fine. What can you do 1 1/2 in?
  6. I used to run 3 miles in under 21 mins....and I was REME. You're job has sod all to do with fitness. You're fit, or you're not?
  7. IIRC the RM BFT used to be a squadded 3 miles and less than 22 (might have been 21).
  8. 1.5 miles in around 10:30

    But running is not my thing tbh , im more of a weight lifter tbh.....running is second nature but I'm on the rite track yes ? ....surely there will be some peaple who can only do of in 30 mins / not even run it before basic ...so I must be ok ?
  9. Don't worry about it too much, sounds like you're not far off where you need to be and with the right attitude to boot. IIRC 10.30 for 1.5 miles under the age of 30.

  10. what is iirc ?

    And yes your rite I am worrying too much , to be honest I should be happy I can do the 3 miles /4.5 miles in those times ...1 year ago I couldn't even run longer then 2mins ...I've come along way tbh.

    Thanks for the info guys
  11. If I Recall Correctly.

    Good luck with Phase 1.

  12. Seconded.
  13. Same boat as yourself mate. Not much of a runner & prefer the free weights / powerlifting myself or hiking for cardio. Also currently averaging 7min mile for the 1.5 & 8min mile for 5mile runs.

    Just keep working away at it mate. Fartlek & interval training in combination with the 60% MHR normal runs work wonders on your 1.5mile time.
  14. I Did 3mile (0.6mile uphill, rest bumpy ground) in 20min 55sec today. Is that good standard of fitness for basic?
  15. hey guys I think that anywhere under 25 mins is GOOD. when you start Phase 1 your strength and cardio levels will jump right up.

    You will be competing with your troop and be 'encouraged' by the PTI's so dont worry.

    Also there are loads of people who will turn up and not even make it round the 1.5 miles in under 13 mins and by the end of a few sessions they would have gotten much fitter