A 5th Welsh region in the Celtic League?


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I always had doubts on the viability of 5 regions within Wales but was sorely disapointed to see the Celtic Warriors go (and my home club therefore becoming part of the Blues region) but think there is some potential here.

The existing regions will no dount bitterly fight this due to the small pot of gold the WRU supplies being further diluted. If London Welsh can sustain themselves for a few years though it may be interesting to see them in this setup, although I wouldn't like to think what will happen if they then leave the Celtic League.

Not too sure what the RFU would make of it either, would they retain RFU membership? Would they be allowed to rejoin the English league setup and at what level?

This is something I would like to see, but sincerely doubt will ever come to pass.
I can't see it somehow mate.

I think what happened to the Warriors was shameful (and i'm a blues fan).

Better to have got rid of those newport tw&ts instead.
if london welsh can support themselves independant of the regions i have no objections to them joining the magners league but no funds should be diverted from the welsh regions to keep them viable.reason being they,ve never shown any inclination to join us in the past and its only the threat of no promotion from their league thats prompted this.
i was a warriors fan(being from the ponty area originally)and i was gutted when they were ripped apart.its taken me 2 years to finally come around to the region idea and now i,ve been supporting the ospreys for about 18months.just hope we beat the scarlets tomorrow after friday,s debacle.

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