A 400M-The end?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by muhandis89, Jun 20, 2009.

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  1. Airbus will offer whatever concession is required. I doubt it is the end of A400M, but the MoD will not continue with the terms and conditions of the original contract. I understand that Hutton left office at a critical point with especial regard to this contract.

    Fair to say there is utter turmoil over A400M/C130J options, made worse by Huttons decisions to walk out of the job.
  2. It looks like another 'Euro' arms procurement f@kcup! A 'political' aircraft foisted on our military by politicians.They can spend taxpayers money,faster than anyone can make it!
  3. Let's hope so
  4. To be fair to Hutton, I understand he was prepared to do what was politically unthinkable a few months ago.
  5. The A400M was the worst possible choice…

    It WAS NOT bought because the RAF wanted it, it was bought because the bufoons that are Neue Arbiet thought if we bought some Eurocrap, the French would buy our stuff in gratitude…

    The RAF wanted more C-17's, and with the current rapidly escalating cost of teh A400M, the C-17 will soon be signifivantly cheaper to buy.
  6. The A400M and the C-17 don't do the same missions, so if the RAF wanted C-17's and didn't get them, I can't see how it's the A400's fault :?

    BTW you should ask the Brist aerospace associations, they've been compaigning to keep the UK in the A400, otherwise they fear falling behing in composites technology, specifically composite wings manufature.....mostly because if they wre out of the A400 they may be shunted out of the A320/B 737 replacement programmes, by SK, Japan ect.
  7. A little out of date on that one PG
    The new composite wing factory is already being built in Flintshire. Composite wings will be built in North Wales, they've just but £28million into building the plant.
  8. It was in this weeks Flight international, so I think it was pretty up to date JM, they were talking about if the Uk canned it's order, ect ect.

    I'll see can I scan it and put it up.
  9. I have no reason to doubt you PG but as I say, the factory is being built as we speak. I believe that the Welsh Assembley has contributed a hefty chunk toward the finance.
    Allegedly it'll be the world leader in composite wing construction.
    Somebody must be pretty confident to put £28million into it! They were interviewing the management of BBC Wales yesterday.
  10. Would this be the same 'Wales' which had a £113M fast jet repair facility built at St Athan as part of an aerospace technology park in partnership with the Welsh Government....that was kicked into touch when MOD performed a U turn of strategic proportions and decided to collapse repairs forward to stations instead of back to a central facility. I am not saying that was the wrong decision, but £28M is peanuts in the Government making 'tough decisions' stakes.
  11. So what will the UK do ?
  12. Cut back on numbers ordered, like we always do!
  13. buy C-130J's and C17 globemasters....

    In a perfect world....

    So, we'll be buying a stupid number of A400M's...
  14. Might just do a little bit of all three............... :wink: