A 40 year old at RSW

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by RustySanchez, Mar 13, 2013.

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  1. Went to Strensall this weekend and passed my TA RSW at 40 years old. I thought I'd be outdone by all the 18 year olds who were there mouthing off about run times and joining the Paras/Marines/SAS.

    In the end I came in with a run of 9.35 beating the vast majority of youngsters who mostly wheezed in around 12 minutes or over (or not at all in some cases). Got an A grade overall.

    So there may be 2 morals to this story...

    1. They'll accept anyone into the TA (including this old duffer)


    2. Don't believe the rubbish people mouth off about - if you want something - 'just do it'.
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  2. Oscar Pistorious
    Lance Armstrong
    Tiger Woods,

    They were sponsored by the company that says Just Do It!
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  3. Well done, guess it proves once again the daft joining age limits the mod puts on 'certain' units. It'll prob all change anyway when they realise the majority of young uns rocking up hoping to be 'special' and don't meet the basic cut off disappear and are never heard of again. 30'000 by 2020...just sorry isn't going to happen.
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  4. On my TA Commissioning Course, we had a 42-year-old in our platoon who passed (and a 37-year-old who failed). His rather fetching and entirely legal daughter turned up for the Parade at the end...

    Why stop at RSW? I did giggle when I hear that one of my Corporals, who had been a very very young attendee at Junior Brecon in the 1980s, was about to become a very very old attendee at Senior Brecon 25 years later...
  5. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Sounds like a quality NCO, a real flier. Imagine only taking 25 years to be ready to make the leap from Cpl to Sgt.

    Did he go into hibernation or something?
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  6. You should see the Australian Army Reserve.

    You can join at 59 with no prior experience, and serve to 65.
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  7. Well done! It seems like only yesterday that the cut-off limit for the BFT was your age, after which running was optional (but strongly encouraged*).

    * meant you had to do it.
  8. Nope, he'd joined at 17 in the early 80s, and was a career astronaut until Corporal at which point IMHO he topped out... I suspect that it might even have been someone's cunning plan and deterrent option after a slot opened "If you can pass Senior Brecon, we'll consider it...". Regular attender, course qualified, deployed on ops. My shins still wince at the thought of his slide tackles.

    Another of my first platoon's Corporals deployed on TELIC at age 40 - having been briefed to be CO's driver, he turned up to find himself sent to the same Recce Platoon that he'd left twenty years earlier (he'd done nearly all of his three-year regular engagement with the COP of a residential battalion). With nothing much else to do of an evening, he hit the gym, and by the end of the tour was beating the younger lads on the physical assessments...

    We had a platoon TAC, and an attendance record that still amazes me. When you go back to a farewell party for a Sergeant-Major, and half of a twenty-year-old platoon ORBAT turns up (with all bar one of the NCOs), you know that the location was a bit special.
  9. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    I had an amusing incident of turning away someone who wanted to rejoin - having left regular service before Op Corporate. He was ourside all parameters to rejoin us, but we could accept him as a transfer if someone else took him on.

    He rocked up in due course having passed TSC A&B plus Ph2, TA PTI course and PJNCO course. He ended up deploying as a rifle section 2IC with one of the regular Bns on H13 having seen in his half century some years before!
  10. If the government is serious about doubling the size of the reserves under Army 2020 then surely we will have to do the same?
  11. Ex 2 Para, first name Chris, a fireman?

    Top bloke.
  12. It doesn't.

    Unless of course you think that age limits are just plucked out of thin air by people who have no idea what they're talking about

    unless of course its an age limit that differs for SNCOs and Officers wanting to deploy moan bleat whine cont. P.94
  13. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Yup. Wasn't our oldest on that tour either. The really old one spent the tour as Vallon man on the basis that "you have lived long enough already. If it alkl goes wrong, it is better you than a young lad who hasn't had a chance yet"!
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  14. I work with a reservist who turned 50 last year, runs marathons, and did a tour at 49. A lot of it really is mindset.
  15. From experience (Im still technically serving as an officer in the Active Standby Staff Group at 59 and will stay in that group or move back to a Brigade up to the age of 65):

    1. Older guys TEND to be fitter than many of the younger guys. I guess we were bought up playing football, riding bikes and walking to school, not playstations junk food and school buses. I can still pass my BFA at the level of a 25 year old, and a lot of 25 year olds cant.

    2. As I am sure everyone knows and recognises, there are a lot of roles where youth and fitness aren't an absolute prerequisite. (But could be if things turned to shit).

    3. There is a bigger "pool" of older guys, for various reasons. They have had their families, they dont have competition from girlfriends and you tap into the "male menopause". Guys join up in a last ditched effort to do something they always wanted to do but never got around to.

    4. With a gender neutral army with women on the front line and different fitness standards for genders, allowing older guys in isn't such a daft idea. Look at the difference here:


    60+ guy or 40 year old woman. Similar fitness requirements....

    5. Experience counts. Even just life experience.

    On the down side, you get to go to more funerals for guys in service, and some guys will have serious health issues - strokes during PT etc.
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