A 3rd Century Legion On the Wrong Side of the Rhine

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Yank_Lurker, Dec 26, 2008.

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  1. http://www.thenational.ae/article/20081222/FOREIGN/173617228/1013/SPORT

    Very interesting stuff. I might have to save some money for a ticket across the pond in a few years to see what they've dug up.
  2. I remember reading about the famous Battle of Teutoburg Wald in 9 AD in which Varus Legions was wiped out to a man by Arminius a Roman educated German, who turned on his former benefactor, the 17th, 18th, 19th legion was never reformed, since the massacre, it did Arminius little good as he was assassinated by his own compatriots in 21 AD
  3. If you ever served in Detmold, Nord Rhinewesphalia, you would have seen the massive monument to "Herman the German", as he was known to legions of Brit troops, Arminius, that stood on the hill overlooking the town.
    The Statue was most impressive with his Sword held high in the air and bullet marks said to be from WW II ground attack fighters clearly marked Old Herman.
  4. Apparently it was the largest statue in the world until the statue of Liberty was built. Unfortunately about 70 miles out of place. The site of the battle was only found in about 1990, largely as a result of metal detector finds by a RTR officer. There was a very interesting documentary on it a couple of years back.


  5. woo I love this kinda stuff
  6. The site was found by a British Army officer, a Major Tony Clunn, who spent his weekends trying to find some remains of the battle based on a 19th century historian believed the site was located.

    He contacted a German archeologist beforehand and got some input from him and finally found the site. He wrote a book about it as well. I did a few book reviews on the Roman Republic and Empire on a classical history web site and his publicist contacted me via email to encourage me to read it and write a review. I didn't really have the time but I do hope to read it someday.

    Here is his website with quite a bit of info. LINK
  7. WTF? Do the septics have to steal every piece of history from every fooking other place??? :evil:
  8. Theyare the first country EVER to have a non-white male in power.... fact. They could have nearly been the first country EVER to have a female in power.... fact. We should now try to emulate them in our politics and stop only having white males in our government.

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    On a serious note, they have lots of these sort of monuments. The immigrants that landed on their shores erected them to remember the old country by.
  9. It took me to half way down when I realised you were taking the piss.
  10. Me too :oops:
  11. Half way though? I only start taking the p1ss after "Seriously though".....

    Seriously though, the first paragraph is almost true to heart. I nearly through the kid at the tele when some doris from stateside waxed lyrical about how US of A was leading the world and breaking glass ceilings with Barrack and Condi reaching high spots. You´d have thought Mrs T had never wielded her handbag inside no 10!!! Maybe they thought Dennis was the PM :D
  12. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00g9qr8
  13. They also split the atom, invented the computer, invented electricity, captured the enigma machine, won world war 1 and 2, sent the first man into space, fight for freedom... etc.
  14. I used to get my leg over up that long winding hill on many an occasion.