a 1st love

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by sandmanfez, Jun 3, 2005.

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  1. That'll do nicely, unless you mean that your bottom half is a size 20 and your top a perfect size 10.

    Truth be told, I still prefer the bigger knickers. Dont worry if you havent got any, I'll lend you some. Its amazing what people leave on their washing lines overnight.
  2. I'd hate to dissapoint ;-)
  3. The term i like to use is underwear conosuire (spelling?) A gal has to have underwear for every occasion, my personal favorite is the lacey french knickers in hot pink with matching bra. but thats just personal taste!
  4. i hate to dissapoint you but i am also off to cyprus in feb with blokey! :cry:
  5. I don't believe you. Pictures would shut me up. :D
  6. what dont you beleive?
  7. Steady! my heart rate has just gone from 60 to 150!
  8. Sorry! (not) but a girl has to have a hobby, mine just happens to be collecting underwear. but to stay on thread, i have no probs with G-Strings. the one i have on now is fine
  9. The matchin combo set.

    Why is it all my arrse maidens run off to Cyprus, I know I'm Fugly and smell bad but I've got feelings you know... :cry:
  10. Not my fault! blame the fussy i am wedding! got a luvly 6 months in aldershot first. oh well will have to have a special box for me undies
  11. I think I'm warming to them too! Of course, you can always wear a G-string UNDER the french knickers, and we could try that old party favourite, pass the parcel, unwrapping a layer at a time.

    Heart rate now 160 and rising.
  12. What a very interesting Idea!
  13. If you like that idea, I've got plenty more! its the gift/curse of an over-active imagination and a libido like a herd of wildebeeste on viagra.
  14. trust me your s£x drive is nothing like mine! i am struggling going without for 4 days, with the promise of a good hard F*ck this evening my g-strings are now suffering!
  15. Jeeeeeesus Christ! dump that fussy (he's got a funny hat) and try being Mrs Fez No. 3

    (I suspect Stabtiffy may have just rushed off to the bogs)