A 130a

Does anyone know about the A130A form under the Major AGAI system?How does one go through the process and how easy/hard is it for one to put through it and finally who authorizes it?
I should really know the answer to this, but everything has changed since I last processed one. A cleverer person than me will be along shortly no doubt.
The AFB 130A is the form by which the CO applies to the appropriate authority, either the Bde Comd or DM(A) depending on the discharge section of QRs being used, to discharge the soldier.
In cut and dried cases such as an undisputed CDT failure the AFB 130A is used on its own. In cases where more justification is required then the AGAI 67 process is used. If the CO intends to award award dismissal as an AGAI sanction he will include an AFB 130 A in the AGAI file.

I hope that answers your question, if not come back to me.
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