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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by thecoops, Mar 18, 2011.

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  1. I've been on you tube wile the Mrs watches red nose day and it got me thinking. Do us Brits have A 10's
  2. Nope we dont
  3. The americans wont have them soon either.
  4. Thats like asking 'Do we have a navy?'. Obviously the answer to both is no.
  5. Only between London and Kings Lynn
  6. No. Our Ground attack assets are tornado and apache. A10 is a fantastic anti armour platform and was designed for use against the hordes of soviet armour that would have come across the German border during the third world war. The UK never had them as we needed multi role fighters and couldn't afford a single use platform.

    Saying that, they looked like a great piece of kit.
  7. Are you thinking of moving married quarters? If so, get in touch with the welfare officer and he should be able to provide you with the forms.

    No idea why this is in Aviation?
  8. Thought so
  9. during the 80's they used to do "straffing runs against any van going through the fens". my escort 45 van used to shake as they passed over head. Later when I worked at RAF Bentwarters I pretended to be an aiiean going bleep bleep out side in the woods to weiard up the septics.. Btw anyone see a SR71 comming into land? that looked like it should have always always stalling been. You would nver guess that it would fly so slow.
  10. Not sure if you mean The Chosen One will get rid of the one Clinton didn't get rid of or of Daffy will shoot the ones we have left. We used to have about 700IIRC but I think we are down to about 300 or so. Lost some squadrons in the Base Realignment and Closing rounds in the 1990's and 2005. Too bad as I understand they are pretty effective and quite durable. I don't think anyone uses them other that USAF but i could be wrong.
  11. What did the aliens do to you?
  12. I don't think the yanks are planning on retiring the A-10, they've only just completed the -C model upgrade to the remaining fleet.
  13. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    We did once, The Vickers A10 Cruiser Tank
  14. I was speaking to a A10 crewmen in Boise Idaho, and he just kept talking about them being scrapped. Of course i could be wrong. As i always seem to be.