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Builds A-1 AD-6 Douglas Skyraider in 1/32nd scale

Always the easiest one to lose.

I admit to having got a bit baity when he told me I had to polish the tops and the bottoms of my posts.

Taking your life in your hands here. You need to get back on topic really quickly before you are spotted
Managed to get ten minutes in. Back two thirds of the fuselage sprayed with dull aluminium. Think this one will have taken a bit of a battering


get a coat of green oxide on next but will put some wearing and scratching on the green to show the aluminium through



still got the underneath to finish but the fuselage is nearly there now. Couple of days for it to go off then it’s a gloss varnish.

too late for wings up now....
So we have a coat of gloss varnish on and it’s ready for green oxide.


not used the AL worn effects fluid before and intend to give it a whirl. May also end up with a healthy coat of hairspray also before I apply the oxide.

had to whip the wing ends off. Not sure how I will fix these yet. Should have done them differently and made the wings down decision before assembly......
Couple of nice shots here

(USNS Core appears to be unloading the A-1 into the river, but in reality there was a barge below. This method allowed the ship to unload faster.)

(USNS Core with a load of A-1 Skyraider attack planes for the South Vietnamese Air Force (VNAF). They are covered with a peel-off protective coating that removed easier than the blown plastic of the Korean War era.)


class plane.
Retired US Army Vietnam veteran Ron Sizemore contributed this amazing photo taken along the 'American stretch' of Back Beach, Vung Tau, and Ron wrote this from his home in the US:
"I took the picture in Dec of 1967 with a Pentax 35mm camera. Here is the story. The plane [Douglas A-1 Skyraider] had made one pass at that low altitude when I was coming out of the surf. I saw him on his way back toward us and I started running to the Lifeguard tower - because that is where my camera was.
The guy next to me hit the deck [sand] and I stayed on my way. I knew he was going to return for another pass. The second pass was a high one and the third was again low - right on the deck. It was my understanding that we, [the Yanks, Americans] had given the A-1's to the South Vietnamese and it was a friendly South Vietnamese pilot doing the flying. On his last pass, he did a `victory roll' that I was unable to capture."
Finally got some time today - busy week.



it needs to cure now so I’m not going to touch it for a couple of days so it’s properly gone off.
Slow progress at the moment. It’s mainly been hampered by large quantities of alcohol at the weekend....

Wing tips ready for a base coat of dull aluminium.



build going at the rate of a ruptured slug at the minute....

Hopefully I should get the wings assembled tomorrow. It’s going to look lovely in green....
Remind me to tidy my desk at some point. How ugly is that?




24 hours for the paint to cure

yep - it’s gen.


this one answers an obsession about the inside of the front of the engine cowlings...... sad but true


Should be on the blue this weekend



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