Builds A-1 AD-6 Douglas Skyraider in 1/32nd scale

I wouldn't mind betting it's happened in the real USN at least once. We had a Gazelle flying around the Falklands with a fackoff big NAVY in black under its fuselage for the whole of my tour down there.
Paint ****-ups are not uncommon. Fin flashes on back to front, incorrect positioning etc. It worsened when jobs started getting contracted to civvy gigs. My particular favourite: PLACE NO STENCIL HERE.
I have used a Roland Stika plotter to cut masks from Frisk, it was saved from going in a skip (probably because it isn’t USB), which is handy because £350 is a bit rich... I’ve also used a laser cutter, (but getting the settings right can be tricky)
though £185 will get you something that will engrave and cut plastic card as well as making masks.
I'm not doing enough to justify the spend is how it feels at the moment, but ask me again after half a dozen bottles of Brown later.........
This is what I’m running with. Coat a bloody fortune but worth it

Early start. Brown Ale and sleep don’t go well together when you are an old tw@t and running again..


broken down the colour a bit on these as they were solid olive drab. About a 65/35 ration split with white to soften the green has worked well. Ditto the rockets.

also assembled the LAU-3s which will get primed after a brew in a min.
The great cover up is under way


decal won’t budge and needless to say, this is one of the Spads that had the Stars and Bars on the opposite wing........ b0ll0cks...


these are coming on really nicely, and....

got to work out how to attach the bloody things to the pylons
Early start again. Bit of progress on the Ordnance


And the rockets have a bit to go yet

need to get them here
I caught “Plane Resurrection” on PBS America this morning on the Skyraider. Those bomb fuse extensions were according to the program shot out gun barrels.
If you want to record it it’s on again tonight at 23:00hrs.
well. I’m currently as pissed as a cnut and I’ll be decked by 2000hrs


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there is a danger I may actually finish this one
Say it ain't so Joe.

I just like watching the level of detail you put into them. I don't really care if they get finished.

It's hard to appreciate the size of some of the parts. Airfix magazine has 1/72 scale stuff and very rarely show something to compare the size with, a paint tin or finger.

Don't let the others bully you into finishing it if you're having fun.
Not convinced about these decals but we will see how they look tomoz