Builds A-1 AD-6 Douglas Skyraider in 1/32nd scale

So she fcuked the Avenger and that my my run in to do the Wokka. The mrs daughter has pissed off which means I have my retreat and I still can’t get the go to start the fcuking Wokka. Yes I know I’m full of shit. Thank you.

This plane is one of my all time favourites. I’ve never built it before but my bro built an airfix 1/72nd one when I was about 8 or 9 and I fell in love with it. There is something about it.

where to start? A piccie or the box


Like the avenger (May it rest in peace), it’s mahoosive.


Unlike the Avenger, the mrs hasn’t smashed it yet....


Having read the reviews of the Kit, it seems to get good ones. It’s a good representation of the big one. The only after market I’ve ordered is the cockpit which I hope will turn up next week. While I wait, I’ll crack on with the engine, which is the same engine that powered the Super Fortress.
Anyway. Nuff said. Time to crack on.


How much ordnance does it come with?
A quick google shows he bugger carried 8000lb!
Bloody loads!


Looks like I can select the appropriate ordnance for the mission it’s flying!
Trumpeter do three variants also. Here are the other two




The douglas skyraider haynes manual was on offer at the Works a few weeks back for a fiver copies in the bog :)
Si You're going to need a bigger Piano... or find your local aircraft museum and make some model donations to get some space back.
Si You're going to need a bigger Piano... or find your local aircraft museum and make some model donations to get some space back.
If I ever finish the Wokka, it may go to a more suitable home


Having woken up at 0fcuking400hrs this morning, I’ve made some progress.



kit is going together really easy. There are only about 12 parts....... seriously. There isn’t much to build as this is a pretty simple plane. It’s basically an ordnance carriage with a propeller! Needless to say, the majority of the parts are............? Ordnance.

Cockpit is very basic compared to the WW2 stuff. There is bugger all in it.

only downside so far is it’s soft plastic which means you have to be careful with files as it’s easily damaged. I’d say this is a good one for anyone wanting to try and get back into the hobby or get into the hobby to have a crack at.

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